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Aaron Martin Harness Ltd. The Complete source for the harnessed horse

We manufacture harness for horses and pets offering top quality, handcrafted work, both ready made and made to measure.

• Harness for work, pulling, logging, show, pleasure driving, marathon, chuckwagons, etc. • Harness accessories and hardware • Wooden or steel hames

• Horse halters

• Collars of all kinds and harness pads • Bells of all kinds • Belts and accessories • Doubletrees and yokes

• Horse care products

• Grooming supplies and leather care products

• Horse Blankets and water bowls • Pet collars and leashes, • Cow show halters

• Horse related books, calendars, gifts & more

Drop in to see us at our location or contact us by fax, phone or mail or e-mail. Catalogue and price list, more than 100 pgs is also available on our website and available to download. Direct delivery via UPS or Parcel Post. Pay by cheque, money order or visa/mastercard.

4445 Posey Line, RR #1, Wallenstein, ON N0B 2S0 1-800-367-0639 • (519) 698-2754 • Fax (519) 698-2420

Equine Canada Launches New High Performance

Coach Certification Program More Certification Opportunities for Canada’s Coaches

Ottawa, Canada– An exciting new coaching certification program is now available for eques- trian coaches in Canada. The High Performance Coach program is designed for those work- ing with riders looking to succeed at the national championship level or toward Junior/Young Rider FEI or similar international level com- petition. Certification is available for Dressage, Eventing, Jump and Reining candidates.

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Central Ontario Pleasure Driving Association

President: Jeff Kohler 705-733-8161 VP/Newsletter: Gerry McCallum 905-936-5444 Secretary/OEF: Mary Gregoris Treasurer: Patricia Cooper (905) 880-2778, Promotions/Website: Jeff Kohler 705-733-8161 Directors at Large:

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Tri-County Carriage Association

We’re all about enjoying carriages and driving in Ontario!

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Eastern Ontario Pleasure Driving Society

Box 955, 6120 Rideau Valley Drive, Manotick, ON K4M 1A8 Website:

Membership applications available on the website or from the Treasurer. President: Mary Mulligan 613-692-3296, Vice-President: Lynda Rivington 613-567-7347 Treasurer: Jennifer Rennie 613-831-2154 Secretary: Maney McNeil 613-347-2541

The Ontario Combined Driving Association Marion Hawley (519) 856-4605,

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The Equine Cana- da/National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) High Perfor- mance Certification Coach program replaces the former Level 3 eques- trian coaching designa- tion and is both more advanced and more accessible than Level 3. Coaches no longer have to work their way up through coaching levels: coaches who meet the application criteria are invited to apply whether they have been certified in the past or not. While it is a pre-requisite for

Newly minted High Performance coaches Wendy Nelson (Reining) with rider Janice Hep- burn, and Wendy Christoff (Dressage) with riders Lauren McLeod and Esmee Ingham.

applicants to document their personal athletic per- formance in their disci- pline, riding is no longer a component of the evalu- ation process.

“Aligning the new program with the current NCCP multi-sport focus which is based on coach- ing competency, opens the door for many candi- dates who are successful- ly coaching but may not currently be competing,” explains EC Coaching Manager Heather San- som. “The program is much more accessible to coaches who have the experience but may no longer be high perfor- mance competitors them- selves, whether due to injury, lack of appropriate horses, busy coaching schedules or other rea- sons.

Clean Sport module which covers medication guidelines for horses in competition and related issues of interest to any coach, participant or offi- cial. Training courses in the new NCCP are not mandatory, but the cours- es are strongly encour- aged for candidates prior to evaluation.

The new program also offers training mod- ules which are open to any interested attendee and not just candidates hoping to certify. Topics include: sport medica- tions guidelines (equine); biomechanics; injury pre- vention; training program planning; human athlete conditioning and injury prevention; and insurance and feed for high perfor- mance horses. Several of the available courses are already running success- fully, notably the Equine

“As industry and Equine Canada coaches we can now utilize the more advanced training program and testing Equine Canada offers, and proceed to being rec- ognized for all our hard work as trainers, coaches, showpeople and mentors to achieve our High Per- formance Certification,” reports Wendy Nelson, High Performance Coach and High Performance Master Evaluator, Rein- ing.

certification, candidates must:

• Have competition, coaching and training experience described in the High Performance Coach Application Pack- ages:


• Be at least 22 years of age as of January 1 of the current year

Reining Dressage Eventing

• Hold an Equine Canada Sport License (member- ship) and provincial/terri- torial equestrian federa- tion membership, in good standing

Acquiring certification requires the following steps:

“The new program features enhanced educa- tional resources and mod- ules, making the program highly credible and attrac- tive,” she continues. “Having this certification improves our coaching opportunities as well as making it possible to take advantage of lower insur- ance costs.”

“This is a logical and detailed program which is very user friend- ly,” explains Wendy Christoff, Chair Equine Canada Dressage Coach- ing Committee, High Per- formance Coach, Dres- sage. “Candidates are evaluated on their coach- ing competency in real situations. The outcomes are structured so that each candidate can access the evaluations according to personal schedules. This accessibility should bring about a renewed interest in the higher levels of coaching certification for Dressage.”

To be eligible for

Halton Equine Veterinary Services


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K. N. Armstrong D.V.M. L. S. Frost B.Sc D.V.M. Y. Rojman D.V.M.

Prepurchase Exams B.A.L. and Gastroscopy Acupuncture

In Clinic & Ambulatory Services

Phone: (905) 659-4387 Email:

• Submission of sample lesson and yearly training plans

• Participating in a single-evaluation day with two evaluators where you are evaluated on coaching skills while giving lessons

• Evaluation of your coaching skills during competition

“I am really proud of the Equine Canada Coaching Committees that pulled together to create this program. We have created a great opportunity for the ath- letes and the coaches that coach them,” states Grant Field, National Coaching Committee Chair, Jump Course Designer, Level 3 Coach and High Perfor- mance Jump Evaluator. Level 4 Coach, for- mer coach of the Canadi- an Eventing Team and three-time Olympic Games competitor and High Performance Coach- ing Master Evaluator Peter Gray, adds: “I am thrilled with our new abil- ity to accept applications for the many coaches waiting to get accredited. New components in the evaluations are fantastic and genuinely reflect real- time coaching.”

Complete details on the High Performance Coach Certification pro- gram can be found on the Equine Canada web site under Coaching – How to Become Certified.

For more informa- tion, please contact: Julie Cull, EC Media Relations at 613 248-3433, x 136/ OR

Heather Sansom, EC Manager of Coaching, 613 248-3433, x 115/ hsansom@equinecana-

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