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Quebec Teams Double Medal at 2012 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships

Ottawa, ON, July 19, 2012 - The Junior and Young Rider dressage teams from Quebec both earned medals in the team portion of the competition at 2012 Adequan FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) held July 18, 2012.

Winning the gold medal in the Junior division, with a score of 200.462, were Quebec team members Naima Moreira Laliberte of Out- remont, QC, Laurence Blais Tetreault of Montreal, QC, Frederique Bour- gault of St. Bernard de Lacolle, QC and Nicole Babich Morin of Vau- dreuil Dorion, QC.

The members of Junior Team Ontario, Mariah Sutton of Drumbo, ON, Madison Lawson of Bonfield, ON, Jonah Freedman of Toronto, ON, and Kristin Wight of Plympton Wyoming, ON, rode away with fifth place, scoring 193.73. Rounding out the Canadian Junior riders was Junior

Team East/West of Natalie Marsden of Sundre, AB, Elexis Ortlieb of Leduc County, AB, Julia Burke of Surrey, BC, and Marah Gaudet of St. Johns, NL, who finished in eighth with a score of 186.406.

The Young Rider Team from Quebec, Mathilde Blais Tetreault of Montreal, QC, Camille Frechette of Boucherville, QC, Tanya Strasser Shostak of Ste Adele, QC, and Julie Channell of Boucherville, QC, won the bronze medal with a score of 196.210. Just behind the Quebec team was Young Rider Team Ontario (Alexandra Dvorak of Hillsburgh, ON, Megan Lane of Collingwood, ON, Alexandra Reid of Carlisle, ON, and Anneka Sutton of Drumbo, ON) with a team total of 195.421. In ninth place, with a total score of190.420, was Young Rider Team British Columbia (Monica Houweling of Delta, BC, Ellika Crichton of Whistler, BC, Sydney Holme of


Equestrian Park

Update, Not Over Till It’s Over?

Taking home the team bronze medal at the 2012 Adequan FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships was Young Rider Team Quebec.

North Saanich, BC, and Colby Dodd of Langley, BC). Houweling and Rifradin, a 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare owned by Linda Houweling, earned the second highest score of the day, with a 69.605%, in her first year at the Young Rider level.

The Young Rider team gold medal was awarded to United States Region 5 scoring 206.105.

“The kids from the Quebec teams have every right to be proud of themselves,” said Ellen Rumball Dvorak, the chef d’équipe of the Ontario and Quebec. “They are so happy, and this a wonderful experience for them. They all had fabulous rides yesterday and really deserve their medals.”

The competition will continue on Friday July 20, with the Individual Test for both divisions. Exclusively for Junior Riders, aged 14-18, and Young Riders, 16-21, the NAJYRC gives up and coming riders the opportunity to experience representing their country as a team, and prepares them for future interna- tional competition. For more information and complete results for NAJYRC, please visit

About Dressage Canada

Houweling and Rifradin, Linda Houweling`s 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare, earned the second highest score of the day yesterday, with a 69.605%, in her first time competing at the Young Rider level.

Junior Team Quebec celebrate their gold medal victory at the 2012 Adequan FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Champi- onships. Photos by Susan J. Stickle,

For more information about Dressage Canada, please visit the Dressage section of the Equine Canada site or connect with us on Twitter at or Facebook at About Equine Canada

For more information about Equine Canada, please visit

By Kelly Bowers Well, as they say, it’s not over till its over and that’s what Terry Matthews is hoping for the Nepean Equestrian Park. As previously reported, the money-losing Ottawa area centre is slated to close as early as the fall, leaving thousands of staff, volunteers, visitors, special needs kids, boarders and trail riders without a trail to follow. Just as city council voted to end their 25 year lease with NEP, the high-tech mogul has made a $30 million dollar proposal to save the park. The deal would include shared responsibility between Matthew’s own Wesley Clover Foundation, the city and the National Capital Commission. The proposal would have the Wesley Clover Foundation take over the park as a not- for-profit, charitable venture and includes a bid to also take over the neighbouring Ottawa Municipal Campground. The group is looking for a 25 year lease. Plans are for the park to be renamed Greenbelt Stables and given an “extreme makeover”. Introducing beginners to the sport of riding would be the facility’s top priority as well as maintaining the thera- peutic riding program currently running at the park. The new venue would feature a covered show ring and a renovated riding school aptly named the Ian Millar Horse- manship Centre. There would be more rid- ing trails and a campground operated by Wesley Clover, could be integrated with the equestrian facility and more riding trails within parts of the grounds. Non-equestrian uses in the proposal include a “forest school” that would allow up to 100 young children to spend time learning in the outdoors. This is partnered with gardens used to teach visitors about sustainable agriculture and space for events such as the National Capital Flower Show and the National Capital Harvest Festival. Linking to the Trans-Canada Trail, the plan is for Greenbelt Stables to rent bicycles, snowshoes and cross-coun- try skis to promoted healthy outdoor activ- ity. Residents would have the use of sports fields and there would be a perma- nent home with an indoor winter habitat for the Royal Swans.

The National Capital Commission would not comment about whether it received Matthew’s bid but said they would like to keep the area an equestrian park. So, with fingers crossed, Ottawa area residents wait to see if indeed it is over.

Update: A memo from city manager Kent Kirkpatrick stated that “the NCC has con- firmed it will seek a future tenant that enables the continuation of the current type of operations at these locations.” The NCC press release stated they want some- one who will allow the equestrian park “to continue to be accessible to the Canadian public, maintain the same or similar exist- ing uses of the lands, conform to the revised Greenbelt Master Plan, and be ready for implementation of the project by January 2013.” It went on to say expres- sions of interest “will be evaluated by the NCC in terms of feasibility, viability, overall adherence to the stated objectives and their contribution to the NCC’s man- date to create a dynamic and vibrant capi- tal that captures the hearts of Canadians.” the commission will accept submissions up until September 21st.

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