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10/ AUGUST 2012 THE RIDER President – Becky Riley,


Vice President – Lindsey Farrell-Johnson, Treasurer – Louise Harris,

Secretary / Membership – Aleasha Nimec, Judges Committee – Don Stauffer, Director – Melissa Kerwin, Director – Andy Park,

Director – Brenda Thompson, Sponsors

Mike Tucker, WHAO Sr. Judge Norfolk Saddle Club Suzanne Hardcastle Fred Walter Five Star Ranch Sarah Cookson Herb & Jean Towers

Founding member of the WHAO and retired WHA Sr. Judge

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Corral Chatter

It’s hard to believe that shortly we will be in full Fall Fair mode! Where has this summer gone? It doesn’t seem all that long ago since we were having fun at Extravaganza.

Being at Extravaganza brought back a ton of memories. One of our long time members, Kelly Lehman, was at the CNE this year showing Percherons. Friends of hers run Ryanday Farms from Hillsburgh and Kelly thought it would be fun to show them. It started last year in NY when she showed in a driving class. This year at the CNE she actu-

519-740-9015 905-929-3388 519-443-7080 519-942-3999 bmctearnen@yahoo.


Celebrating 60 Years!

ca 519-884-4050 Website:

ally rode one in the western pleasure class. I had to go and watch this! Let’s just say that it was quite interesting to see these giants being ridden! Kelly did great getting a 2nd. Then the following day she won the driving class. I don’t think that she’s completely converted to showing heavy horses, but it sure looked fun. Those horses are so massive


POINT AWARD SHOWS Aug 25-26 - Trout Creek Fall Fair

Sept 2 - Orangeville Fall Fair (t) Sept 9 - Lincoln County Fair Sept 16 - Niagara Regional Exhibition Sept 22 - Ancaster Fall Fair Oct 7 - Norfolk County Fair Oct 8 - Burford Fall Fair

Sr. Judges Todd Bailey

11842 Ridge Line, Ridgetown, ON N0P 2C0 (519) 674-5312

Email: Scott Carmichael

411 Autumn Cres., Welland, ON L3C 7K1 (905) 687-3023 Joe Carter

R.R.#2, St. George, ON N0E 1N0 (519) 448-1127

Peter Emick

R.R.#8, 400 Weir Rd., Brantford, ON N3T 5M1 (519) 647-3369

Melanie Gray

R.R.#4, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N6 (519) 372-2527

Lindsey Grice 30 Henderson St.

Orangeville. On. L9W 5G1 (519) 938-8815

and beautiful. To see them hitched up to their carts and the harnesses polished to per- fection was quite amazing. I’m not usually nervous around horses, but their sheer size is so intimidating, even though they are gentle giants. Being at the CNE sure brought back memories. From the moment I walked into the barns and took a deep breath of that unique smell, I missed showing there. When I got home and still smelled like the horse palace, I said to my hus- band (who isn’t a horse per- son), “I miss that smell.” He said, “But you have a farm?” No other barn smells like the horse palace, and that’s some- thing I’m glad that I know! The last CNE that we showed at was during the season finale of the very first Survivor. I remember about 20 people huddled in the Robertson’s tack stall watching Richard Hatch winning $1 million. When the WHAO showed there, it was always during the second week of the Ex. Now, all of the shows are before the official start of the Ex. It was different...not good or bad, but different. It was nice not to have the general public sticking their hands in all of the stalls, but seeing the face of a little kid light up when they actually pet a horse was great. Part of the fun was heading out to the midway after all the classes were done, or running over to the food building for some samples when you were hungry. Now that that part isn’t there, would it feel the same if we were invited back? Who knows. I know the heavy horse people still have a blast! I can say that I wouldn’t miss showering with carnival workers! It’s kind of weird when a stranger asks to borrow your shampoo in the shower!!

Becky Riley around 1986 ish (7 or 8 years old) riding Good Neighbour Sam in Paris Ontario in the Youth Hunter Under Saddle

Shari Irwin

120 Fieldcrest Ave., Courtice, ON L1E 2Z1

(905) 434-5940, Michelle Jones

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Esther Johnston

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Anne Marinacci 65 Swayze Court, Smithville, ON L0R 2A0 905-957-5619

Janet McClure RR #3, 14156 Ten Mile Rd. Ilderton, ON N0M 2A0 (519) 666-2482


Penny Ransom 29 Huyck Dr.,

Rick Storey 994 St. Paul’s St.

Arnprior, ON K5S 3W7 (613) 622-1707

E: Sue Robinson

R.R.#2, Kincardine, ON N2Z 2X4 (519) 396-8155

email: Tom Saul

4897 Shiloh Line, RR #1, Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0 (519) 882-0958


James Simpson 376 Maltby Rd. E., Guelph, ON N1L 1G4 (519) 821-2425


Brenda McTearnen-Thompson 284 Whitmore Dr., Waterloo, ON N2K 2N5 Home: (519) 884-4050


Louise Harris RR #1, Wilsonville, ON N0E 1Y0 (519) 443-7080 Paul Mitchell

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Kris Simpson 376 Maltby Rd. E., Guelph, ON N1L 1G4 (519) 821-2425

Peterborough, ON K9H 6J6 (705) 876-7303

6-120 Dudhope Ave., Cambridge, On N1R 4T7 (519) 624-1592

Our last point award show was with Saddle Up Northern Ontario Horse Asso- ciation. I wasn’t able to be there, but the turnout was great. We have some new

Ann Marie Foster

101 Huron St., Embro, ON N0J 1J0 (519) 475-6868

e: Robyn Storey

e: James Teed

1225 Smith Line, RR #3, Sombra, ON (519) 627-6520


Mike Tucker RR #4, 1581 Maple St N., Fenwick, ON L0S 1C0

(905) 892-5610 John Ward

R.R.#4, 5190 Line 13, Harriston, ON N0G 1Z0 (519) 327-4541

e: Don Stauffer

9626 Wellington Rd. 14 Box 16 Conn, ON N0G 1N0 Phone 519-323-2727 Cell 519-604-8864

e: Jr. Judges Megan D’Allaire E-Mail

2757 Eagle Lake Rd. South River, On P0A 1X0 705-724-1313


email: Jamie Kuhl

50 Fairglen Ave. Brampton, On L6X 1K6 905-230-1304 cell 647-290-6093 e:

Glen Patterson

R.R. # 2 Binbrook, On L0R 1L0 905-692- 3748 cell 905-512-5250 e:

Tracy Patterson 5030 Blackheath Rd., Binbrook, ON L0R 1C0

905-692-3748 e: Kristy Rinzema

2969 Kingsway Dr. Apt. 414 Kitchner, On. N2C 2H7 Phone 519-504-7074

E-Mail Kathryn Powers

91 Croydon Drive, St. Catharines, ON (905) 646-8768

email: Inactive Judges Bruce Ionson

members from up North who are taking advantage of having 5 point award shows in their area! That means that they can qualify for yearend awards if they show at 5 shows. Thank you to SUNOHA for making WHAO part of your July show. I am really looking for- ward to our upcoming shows. Trout Creek the 25 & 26 of August, Orangeville Fair on Labour Day weekend, followed by Welland Fair and Ancaster Fair. For information on our shows, visit our website Fall fairs are always a blast. Again, each year, memories come flooding back. I think that as a kid, I won more goldfish at the midway then I could count. It was nice to be able to ask our parents for $5 and be able to spend the afternoon at the midway with- out any worry. You learned quickly who you could go on rides with without getting puked on!

I hope that in ten or twen- ty years from now, you can look back on this show and fair season and remember some of the great time s that you had. I would love to hear some of your memories. Email me ( and I will put some in the next issue of the Corral Chatter. If you have any good quality photos to go along with those memo- ries, I’d love to put them in as well.

I leave you with this

photo memory. This is me when I was 7 years old riding my very first horse Good Neighbour Sam in the Youth Hunter Under Saddle in Paris. Sam was a great babysitter and taught me a lot about showing. I did learn the hard way at Paris Fair that whether it was a 6 inch jump or a 6 ft jump, Sam would lope up to it, stop and jump straight up and over. The ground was really hard! And at 7, a re-mount in trail was not very graceful, but could be done with a patient horse! I can’t wait to see and hear your memories.

Becky ------------------

The Judges Committee would like to thank Kathryn Powers for her hard work as a Junior Judge and are pleased to be able to promote her to Senior Judge job well done. We would also like to inform everyone that Kristy Rinzema as applied and been excepted as a new Junior Judge welcome to the program and good luck. Please be advised Judges Com- mittee Chair Don Stauffer has a new address and phone number so if you are sending in evalua- tions on Junior Judges or need to contact Don please use the new contact information. Thanks everyone and have a great rest of the summer and fall show season.

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