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been a tennis player and a dancer and had been put in an arranged marriage with a wealthy man from an important family. The marriage had deteriorated to the point where she was such an emotional wreck that she was on medication. The hand print tells us she was at breaking point, the husband had been threatening extreme violence if she went home to her mother and had described most graphically what he would do to her.

1 The huddling together of the Saturn/Apolllo fingers is a sign of despair and depression

2 For Mercury to be divorced from the other fingers and leaning away shows the need to escape the confines of the relationship, either temporarily or permanently, this person is just going through the motions and is not involved with the partner at a deep level.

3 The head line ending high in the hand shows among other things the desperate need for economic security, money has taken the place of the security normally given by a warm loving relationship.

4 Thick end to the thumb shows bottled up ener- gies, and possible temper tantrums in frustration, in medieval times this was called “murderers thumb”, the crooked thumb is seen in extreme anxiety cases.

5 The lines under the Apollo finger can relate to money, and this arrangement is not a positive sign for financial health.

6 Jupiter finger in this position shows unease in the career situation, in the other hand would mean the home situation and this lady had both.

If you are undergoing any of these signs listed above you need to get help, do not keep this in silence. These situations need the light of truth to shine in and only then can help be given and accepted

* In memory of Fakhra Younus murdered by her hus- band April 17 2012

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