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So You Want to Ascend? MYSTICAL MENTORS

By John Henderson, DD, CI

The The first thing you need to do is to rid yourself of everything keeping you from ascending. The key to that is your subconscious mind. You are continuously being programmed. When you are criticized, your subconscious mind pays attention the first time, listens the second time, makes serious note of it the third time and after that, when it hears it again, your subconscious mind is programmed. After many years of the wrong teachers, the wrong peo- ple, the wrong friends and a negative family, it would be difficult not to be influenced by this programming.

The sub modalities within hypnotherapy can accomplish this task without the need for deep trance hypnosis. If a person has been hypnotized before, it’s easy to use one of the sub modalities in which the client scans his/her body looking for errant programming, which may appear as attachments. With a client who has never been hyp- notized or thinks he/she can’t be hypnotized, has never meditated and has trouble visualizing, it’s unlikely that this individual will find anything and will not be able to see a past life, so another technique is needed.

Other techniques including Shamanic Journey, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming and DNA Reprogramming all work well for those who have trouble visualizing. It is not necessary for the client to achieve a hypnotic trance because these sub modalities sneak in the back door. So why would one bother to hyp- notize anyone with all these sub modalities that do not require a deep hypnotic trance? The answer is because the client really is hypnotized, just not in deep trance hypnosis. Because many people have the belief that they need to be in a hypnotic trance, I accommodate them. What will work is what the client believes will work.

Now once you have changed your errant subconscious mind programming, it is time to start on the ascension process. To do this, you have to understand what ascen- sion is. Ascend means to go up and the ascension process would be to go up in something, preferably frequency or vibration. This is a most difficult task for people who are plagued with errant subconscious mind programming, but once this task is complete, it becomes easy.

According to quantum physics, the Quantum Field is an “Infinite” field of potential. Everything that has, does or will exist, begins as a wave in this “quantum field” and is transformed into the physical realm by the observer.

Around 1927, the “Copenhagen Interpretation” revealed is that energy is waves and when attention is placed on it, all other probabilities collapse (wave forms) and a “par- ticle” (matter) is formed. The thoughts and perceptions of the scientist doing the observing determined which one it was...waves or particles.

Oracle 20/20 June 2012 Are we driven by a binary code in a huge super computer?

Dr. S. James Gates, Jr., a theoretical physicist, the John S. Toll Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland, and the Director of The Center for String & Particle Theory reports that certain string theory, super-sym- metrical equations, which describe the fundamental nature of the Universe and reality, contain embedded computer codes. These codes are digital data in the form of 1′s and 0′s. Not only that, these codes are the same as what make web browsers work and are error-correction codes! He describes this as “mind-blowing” and similar to the movie “The Matrix”!1

So if we all live in a huge super computer and create matter by observing waves of light, we all create our own physical world – should we choose to ascend, we speed up the fre- quency of the wave with our mind and our emotions.

One example of emotions controlling our DNA is an experiment that was done by the U.S. Army. The Army has inadvertently given us the key to ascension. Scientists took a sample of DNA from a volunteer whom they put in a room separate from his DNA. They manipulated his emotions by showing films of war and recorded his reac- tions. When the volunteer was frightened or upset, the DNA sample tightened up too. Then when beautiful nature scenes were shown, the DNA started to unwind and touch itself in different locations along the strand. The DNA responded simultaneously to and reacted immediately to the emotions of the volunteer no matter how far away they moved the DNA sample from the volunteer.2

Be at peace so that your DNA can relax. First find your Errant Subconscious Mind Programming by being the observer and keeping notes of everything that upsets you so you know what your addictions are. Notice the patterns in your life. Use hypnotherapy or of its sub modalities to clear the errant programming. To ascend, be at peace without any slip-ups. Practice being peace- ful every day, you will go from being peaceful to BEING peace. Your ascension does not mean you leave this planet, it means you transcend it. You are programming your own life. Happy ascension.

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