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He returned to California, this time taking up resi- dence in the beautiful col- lege town of Arcata, a short drive to the ocean and a place Brian had always hoped to live. A gift of interacting with children landed Brian a job working at a school. The system eventually spoiled the illu- sion and caused Brian to take a closer look at what he was doing and how it was impacting his life and the world. Frustration sent him on an evening walk that eventually ended in the wee hours with some rain-washed clarity.

After a month’s notice at his job, Brian set out with no source of income and no place to go. He was completely guided by a higher power. “I was directed by Spirit, God, Source, whatever you want to call it.” His mission: “To bring more presence into human consciousness which leads to an inner peace and brings more love and beauty into the world.”

Brian’s years of study and self reflection manifest through his writings, workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions. He still calls fatherhood one of his greatest spiritual teachers. “The ability of children to be innocent and authentic,” Brian says, “with a whole- hearted responsiveness to the moment like little zen masters; their ability to imagine and daydream freely without limits or borders can remind us as parents to connect our souls with something innate inside us that we may have lost track of along the way.”

For seven years Brian has been carrying this paren- tally-gained wisdom, along with other timeless insight, around the world leading, what he calls “The Big Glow” retreats and classes. He just released his second book, The Wow of the Now, a follow-up to The Big Glow and it seems thousands are feeling the Glow’s warmth. Dr. Emmett Miller recently interviewed Brian for his radio series, Conversations with Extraordinary People. Brian’s accomplishments are certainly extraordinary, but his message is surprisingly simple:

“The meaning of life is to live To be fully engaged To be fully alive

To fully participate”

As he sits across my dining table, completely relaxed in his tee shirt and jeans, drinking some homemade herbal tea and eating a granola bar from the bowl on my counter, I can’t imagine anyone less assuming. So, how has he done it? How has he garnered fans and followers

Oracle 20/20 June 2012

around the world, over 10,000 facebook friends, and seekers flocking to his classes and retreats? The answer, equally simple, soon settles over me. Brian Piergrossi is real. He has no agenda aside from using the gifts he was given and the wisdom he spent years accumulat- ing. He doesn’t drive a new car or live in a big house. He doesn’t buy expensive things or have a superior air. He is not looking for any credit, but only cares that the work gets done. He is a complex man living a simple life with a focus on being a good father and helping thou- sands along their path of self-discovery.

Along with many others around the world, this journey of surrendering to uncertainty has been one of my own focuses for the last few years. I have put a priority on self-exploration and integral work and, in the process; it has become more and more apparent the extent to which we project our unresolved issues onto others. Brian’s work, along with those like him, is healing to us as individuals and, consequently, to the Earth. The importance of it is monumental and the momentum is strong. There is no going back.

With our planet in crisis and when so many are predict- ing a doomsday of one kind or another, Brian says, “I feel fantastic about the future! Every ending is a beginning and I’m very interested in the world that is to come.”

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