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Herb the 0at Believe It Its True

Welcome back all you followers and believers. This month I am going to teach you Cats about how your beliefs create your reality. Not your conscious everyday thoughts that you think, but your subconscious beliefs that I call “programming”. This is where your percep- tions come into play because what you believe about something comes from how you perceive it. So then maybe if you change how you perceive something, you could change your negative programming. What a con- cept!

I, Herb the cat may have hit on a way that all you cool cats could change your experience on this 3rd dimen- sion Earth. Miracles and spontaneous healing are as possible for you to have as your ability to believe you can have it. So how do I know what my beliefs are that are keeping me from perfect health and manifesting my dreams? The concept I have taught many Cats in the past is to be the observer. Some of you regular readers will say “oh no, not that observer thing again”. I say “yes, again and again until you get it”. Keep a log of all the negative things that happen to you and look at them to find a pattern. If the Cats at work are bugging you, you created that because you drew it to you. Once they no longer bother you because you stop allowing them to bother you, they will go bug some other Cat. Yes, even the jerk brother-in-law will aggravate some other Cat. This programming in your subconscious mind that is telling all the other Cats what bothers you and draws it to you will change. With new “nothing bothers me” pro- gramming, your experiences will change so that eventu- ally as you go from one area of your life to another fix- ing each area, your entire life will change. This is when peace takes over and you really become a cool Cat. As you do this, you influence other Cats and instruct them also. Are you tired of the wars, failed careers, failed relationships and failed (fill in the blank)? This is the way to change. This is how you really bring peace on Earth by simply starting with yourself. It will amaze you how you will draw peaceful Cats to you because “birds of a feather flock together”. (hopefully for my lunch he - he). Seriously, it will spread so the answer is yes, you can “change the world”. There are no such things as miracles to believers, only ordinary things others call miracles. Cats unite! As Wayne Dyer says, “you will see it when you believe it”. Deepak Chopra says “peace comes from within, not from outside yourself”.

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Oracle 20/20 June 2012

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