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FEATURES A Beautiful Medicine By David Mercier

David G. Mercier M.S., L.Ac., is a speaker, seminar leader, coach, and acupuncturist. He holds an M.S. from Case Western Reserve University and a master’s degree in acupuncture from the Tai Sophia Institute. Visit him at

This book A BEAUTIFUL MEDICINE is the best prescrip- tion for a longer, healthier, happy life.

Nothing in this life time is definitive or permanent. A BEAUTIFUL MEDICINE

Explains our state of constant transformation. Know how to measure your actions and dynamic energy in the proper proportions, so that you can reap the rewards that you desire. Stop the STRESS and adopt the policy of putting energy in the right amount into the right situ- ation. When particular situations arise, you will need to know how to rapidly and intelligently adapt yourself to the new coordinates of destiny.

Here is an example from the book:

“ … energy can rise to meet an immediate demand in the moment. I our customer is waiting, we’ll have a boost of energy to do our job even when tired. If we’re about to walk on stage, we’ll also get a boost of energy. A commitment to others in the performance of a task, whether it’s to sell them shirts or make a presentation to the board of directors, calls forth a surge of vitality.

But let’s explore the way energy responds to less tan- gible and immediate demands. If you ask people what matters most to them, the answers are usually ABOUT MAKING A DFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS.”

If you are unable to exercise and meditate in the morn- ing, do it at night. You are the master of your health. Calmness is the ideal state in which we should receive all life’s experiences. Nervousness is the opposite of calmness, and its prevalence today makes it very nearly a world disease.

David Mercier recommends eating whole foods and exercising as foundations for our psychological and spiritual growth. He said : “we are healthier When we hear the sweet breathing of flowers.”

Throughout the book, David illustrates KEY IDEAS with stories from his life, including his years as a hippie and then as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka. In the end, according to David, the experience of beauty, meaning and love moves us forward on the path to optimal well- ness. A BEAUTIFUL MEDICINE helps show the way.

When you want to create a positive frame of mind or destroy the negative one, concentrate on the brain cells. To create a good attitude, meditate and visualize the light day after day. The human being is composed of energy in an incarnate form, and in a form that serves

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as an instrument that makes the principals of energy evolve. For all of us there are three equations to be solved: the events we must live through, the suffering that goes with them, and the understanding or knowl- edge that we must acquire.

In a wonderful example about healing, David tells the story of Jason:

“The symptom was delivering an urgent communiqué to Jason: CHANGE YOUR LIFE. When a person is injured, the speed of recovery will depend on his overall condi- tion. If Jason had been fit from regular workouts and good nutrition, the injury would likely have been less severe, the recovery quicker. Now that Jason’s pain was gone, we could roll up our sleeves for the real business at hand, which was to reshape the terrain. He needed a new lifestyle, and extreme physiological makeover. I suggested that biweekly acupuncture over the next six months should help - first by directly improving this physiology, and secondly by giving him a boost of ener- gy which he could then employ for the job of carving out a whole new lifestyle, work that only he could do. Fortunately Jason started to take his health seriously.” After many months he looked a new person!

If you are in poor health like Jason...If you analyze it carefully, you’ll see that this ordeal is the cumula- tive result of a succession of errors and fundamental neglect, and is not to late to take care! Your strong conviction and good spirit will change your health for the best!

The human being is composed of energy in an incarnate form, and in a form that serves as an instrument that make the principals of energy evolve. Within the destiny of humanity, there are three equations to be solved: the events we must live through, the suffering that goes with them, and the understanding or knowledge that we must acquire through all of this.

This wonderful book will become a friend and bedside companion that you will read and reread as a source of inspiration. Thank you David Mercier!


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