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Markers of Abuse Found in the Palm MYSTICAL MENTORS


The Royal college of Psychiatrists claim that any mental illness will be accompanied by its own disturbance of gait. The late great Psychiatrist Henri Rey and I used to play a game on seeing a person with disturbed gait, to guess what the illness was and in many cases you can determine the problem accurately from how a person walks etc. Similarly the way a disturbed person holds their hands will also give you many clues to their ill- ness. I used to work part time in a health clinic and I could, by taking a quick look at the hands in the waiting room, usually tell what the problems were before the examination.

The hand shown has several distinguishing features, can you spot them?

1 Two fingers huddled together for protection 2 Mercury finger leaning sharply away 3 Head line ending high in the hand 4 thick tip to the thumb, which is crooked. 5 Lines of Apollo unclear and a mixed jumble. 6 First, or Jupiter finger standing away.

Just as you can determine the country of origin by the face, e g Caucasiod, Negroid, Mongoloid and Mesoid because of the underlying bone structure, these also show from the hand. This handprint was from the Indo/pak subcontinent, which indicates an arranged or forced marriage, which statistically can be prone to difficulties.

When the musculo/skeletal structure is put under stress over a period the body will begin to compensate, such as in the thick muscled legs of football players.


hands here showed a thicken- ing of the Scaphiod and Lunate wrist bones as seen in long term tennis players.

These are very difficult times, and many are suf- fering economic distress, this may lead to abuse of drugs or excessive alcohol use, addictions can lead to erratic and inappropriate behavior, any substance abuse can lead on to emotional abuse and an unhealthy rela- tionship.

Emotionally abusive spouses want you all to themselves and they do not understand that you may want to see family and friends outside the relationship. It is healthy and normal


for you to hang out with other people so if your partner prevents you from doing so, this may be a sign you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

An abuser will shout at you about at what you have spent on the shopping, placing their anxiety at your door for what has to be spent on groceries, some will check the cars odometer to see how far you traveled.

If your partner calls you bad names, even if they claim that they are said in a joking manner, this is meant to hurt and keep you in line. Abusers sometimes attempt to cover their bad behavior by saying its your fault and that you need to lighten up and that you are way too sensitive. This is not true because a loving partner would not do this. Abusive partners have a way of mak- ing you think that this is normal behavior and that it is you who has the problem.

Abusive partners will use various control mechanisms, such as instilling fear. If you feel fear at any time then there is something very wrong. Abusers may try to intimidate you with threats of violence, or dominating you with other power tactics. In these financially stress- ful times all this is happening with greater frequency than usual.

A technique used by many women is the isolation tech- nique, where they shut off and won’t speak to you. Another controlling behavior is to shut off sex. Men are easy to manipulate as they quickly become sexually dependent in a relationship, this increases their anxiety and fear factor.


Abusers are great manipulators and will sulk, threaten to leave, and emotionally punish you for not going along with his or her idea of how things should be, and they will try to make you feel guilty any time you exert your will and assert what is right for you. At times the abus- er may appear to be apologetic and loving but the “remorse” doesn’t last long until the abuse begins again when the abuser feels he or she has you back where they want you.

W o m e n ers in k n o w

are usually the game play- relationships, since they

men can’t cope with mind games. The result will be that the abused man punches walls or doors, shouts, bangs doors, drives

too fast and displays anger. This is the “tipping point” when you see this behavior think deeply about what you really want when you sulk or play


The palm print here is one of a once extremely beautiful Indian lady who had

Oracle 20/20 June 2012

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