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Your Soul’s Plan By Robert Schwartz

May 7, 2003. I remember that day well, because it was

the day on which my life changed, the day that launched me on the path to writing the book Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born (

I was 40 at the time, working as a self-employed mar- keting and communications consultant and feeling pro- foundly unfulfilled with my life. I often had the feeling that if I were to fall off the face of the Earth, none of my clients would notice. They would simply plug someone else into my role and continue along.

Yet, at the same time I had a feeling that there was a

higher purpose to my life. I just didn’t know what it was. And so, in my search for that higher calling, I did something on that fateful day in 2003 that I had never done before: I had a session with a psychic medium.

The medium introduced me to the concept of spirit

guides – highly evolved, nonphysical beings with whom we plan our lives before birth and who then guide us through our lives after we incarnate. Through the medium, I was able to speak with my guides. They told me that I myself had planned many of my greatest challenges in life - and that I had done so before I was born.

I might have dismissed this as some sort of elaborate fantasy, except that my guides knew literally everything about me. They knew not only what I had done in life, but also what I had thought and felt. Private thoughts and feelings that I had never shared with anyone.

For example, five years earlier I had been going through a very difficult time in my personal life. One day, alone in the privacy of my home, and silently in my mind, I said a prayer to God. I said, “God, I can’t get through this alone. Please send help.” I had completely forgot- ten about this prayer, but my guides knew about it, and they reminded me of it. They added, “Your prayer was answered,” by which they meant that additional non- physical guidance had been sent. I was astounded.

As you can imagine, when certain beings know literally everything about you, they have a great deal of cred- ibility.

So I was listening in rapt attention when they went on to tell me why I had planned some of my greatest chal-

Oracle 20/20 June 2012

In the days and weeks after the session with the

medium, this information was constantly on my mind. It allowed me to review the course of my life and, for the first time in many instances, see a deeper purpose to the seemingly bad things that had happened. For me, this was deeply healing.

I realized I was on to a concept that could bring similar healing to other people.

I started to think about writing

a book about it. At the same time, I began to have metaphysical expe-

riences of my own. I would like to tell you about one in particular that profoundly informed my research and forever altered the way I look at the world.

One day, I was working in my home office and decided to take a break and go for a walk. As I was meander- ing down the sidewalk, I was suddenly overcome by a feeling of overwhelming unconditional love for every person I saw.

I remember this experience with crystal clarity. The

first person I was a cab driver sitting behind the wheel of his cab, waiting for a fare to come along. I looked at this man – a complete stranger to me – and felt nothing but pure, unconditional love for him. Then I noticed a barbershop on the corner. I looked through the win- dow and saw a barber cutting someone’s hair. Again, I felt overwhelming love for these people who I did not know and had never seen before. Then I noticed a young mother pushing an infant in a stroller down the sidewalk. Once more I felt the same unconditional love for these people. Everywhere I looked, every time I saw a person, I felt tremendous love flowing over me and through me.

Though I had never heard or read of an experience like this, I knew immediately and intuitively what was hap- pening: I was in enhanced communion with my own soul.

It was as though my soul were saying to me, “This love is who you really are. This is your true nature.”

I believe that my soul gifted me with this experience because when I went on to research and write Your Soul’s Plan, every pre-birth blueprint I examined was based on unconditional love. This was true even when the souls were scripting a “negative” role for someone to play.

Had I not had that experience of myself as uncondition- al love, I would have found exactly the same results in my research. But I think there would always have been a little voice at the back of my head saying, “How do you know any of this is true?” Well, I know it’s true because I experienced it myself. And so I can state to you with absolute confidence and certainty that I believe that we as souls are made quite literally from the energy of unconditional love.

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