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FEATURES By Brenda Seright Williams

Men Might be from Mars

numbers are finding their way to a new world.

…but growing

It’s a strange thing when someone who is a proud feminist, lifelong supporter of women and even has a business spotlighting wom- en’s history feels compelled to start promoting men. At least it seems ironic,

but it’s not just any man I’m talking about.

Just because I am pro- women doesn’t mean I’m not also pro-men. I raised two of them myself and am proud of who they have become. Over the last sev- eral years, some trending phrases have caught my attention…the new mas- culine, the integral man, authentic masculine power. I didn’t give it much thought until my life started col- liding with some powerful men who are involved with their own gender’s evolu- tion. I became enthralled as I realized the difference between these men and others is glaring. I wanted to learn more and hoped against hope that this would be a trend that took hold.

I spoke with Gary Stamper, men’s work visionary, author and nationally known facilitator. He explained, “As we know, women move faster than men and we are getting left behind. Women have raised the bar and it’s time for men to play catch-up.”

Gary has a new book titled Awakening the New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior. “It is about transcending the new age sensitive guy and the macho jerk,” Gary says, “to discover the unity of heart and spine.” “You only have to look around the world to see that nothing is working, systems are failing. We have to look at new possibilities and it starts within. This is work that must be done.”

This work is echoed around the globe in similar con- cepts with slightly different approaches and names.


Men Raising the Bar on Conscious Living Photography by Margarita Bromley

Semantics aside, from the depths of deep soul work emerges powerful men. Brian Piergrossi is just such a man. I met him a couple of years ago. As with most people who profoundly affect us, Brian zeroed in on aspects of myself that were neglected and pro- pelled me into my own deeper self-exploration. I became intrigued with his own story, wonder- ing what series of cir- cumstances had landed him in a place of such insight and wisdom.

His story began years ago in the midst of an all night walk in the rain, the proverbial dark night of the soul. It was then that Brian Piergrossi made the decision to leave a life marred with contradic- tion. “I wasn’t living in alignment,” he says, “I wasn’t sharing my great- est gifts and talents. It was a life of duality.” His outer world did not reflect the inner one.

This life of duality that

Brian speaks of was in the midst of a series of events that started with a life-threatening illness. He left col- lege in his second year with a condition that would keep him bedridden for months and in recovery for years. Doctors eventually labeled his condition Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but could do little to offer relief. Brian began to delve into the study of human suffer- ing and the spiritual component of it. For the next decade, he studied spirituality and psychology, sociol- ogy and yoga, cosmology and science. Still recovering, Brian eventually returned to Penn State and received his degree in Film and Video. After college he settled in Northern California, married his high school sweet- heart, and had a son, Giovani. Brian continued to study and his spiritual understanding deepened to a point when he found himself on a path of intensity not shared by his mate. The relationship ended and Brian retreated to Oregon for a few weeks of introspection, living what he lightheartedly calls “a hippie lifestyle.”

Oracle 20/20 June 2012

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