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have been familiar with the concept of abundance, health and joy and what it means globally but more im- portantly what it means to me personal- ly. I have been aware of other interpre- tations, part of the global perspective, and even though I could relate to some of them, I thought that perhaps I had chosen the version that mostly made me feel the best at the present time --- but was it practical? In other words, I doubted myself. I definitely practice the ongoing process of living simply with the abundance, health and joy that I share with the universe, accepting what is and making the best of it. My doubt was incongruent with my life style. I had thought that out there all is about money, so perhaps I was missing the point in my own concept of abundance and living simply. What I do not doubt for one minute is that my living simply allows me to feel joy, even when I have a tendency in some instances to resist a particular experience. It is an ongo- ing process as it is to live in the pres- ent - aware and alert. So, I felt here is an opportunity to grow; from my initial doubt, it seemed I had developed a contradiction about living simply and what abundance really means. I had no doubts about health and joy. “When in doubt, do nothing; wait; there will be a resolution before you know it.” Well, there it was, in my re- reading of books that I have read in the past. I started reading *The Presence Process by Michael Brown and the reso- lution to my contradiction happened. Through the reading, my interpretation and the global as well as the personal perspective the author shares, I realized that my doubt started with being influ- enced by the current times and what

Living Simply: Abundance, Health, Joy

By Raul Gordillo

abundance meant for me in the past, un- consciously denied at times, it really was about money, and the global perspective I learned, also denied collectively to some extent, was about material posses- sions. So much information tells you to change this and that to attract what you want; place a picture of your favorite

car on your refrigerator and so on and so forth. This general perspective lost meaning because I have what I want and realize that the time frame for enjoyment with my car, my house or a relation- ship has no comparison to the feeling of permanent joy no matter what happens externally.

Get Back To The Simple Things & Relax A Bit

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“No one really is, by a long shot, immune to external influences where money is the main concern, although often denied as such.” I had shifted my feelings and I placed money in a second- ary level and had concentrated on enjoy- ing my work, doing the best I could for myself and others. But in my awareness and desire of living simply in the present, I am not (no one really is) immune to external influences where money is the main concern, although often denied as such. As you well know, our times are about money, mostly about not having

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