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will cause people to change their habits. After all, who wants to be hit with an $80 or $100 ticket. Better follow the rule than take a chance. They will say that with increased enforcement, the

incidence of violations will go down. But is that our long-term goal? We want them to follow the rules, but really, deep down, don’t we want to collect the revenue off the citations? Every day there are headlines that cities can’t meet

their budgets and that more money is needed from cita- tions to do so. This money is going to the general fund. Often, so much is taken that the parking department itself is left budget shy. A customer reads the newspaper and begins to look over his shoulder. Are they coming after me? We enforce our rules with citations and fines. We

attempt to get people to change their behavior. But we send mixed messages. On one hand, we say we are being stewards of parking. On the other, we are collecting mon- ey for the general fund. Which is it? What do you think, Brandy –

did I overstate my case? You can see her response on PT’s Blog, starting with the March 2011 posts, by going and click on Blog.


TagMaster and SKIDATA to Cooperate on Integration of UHFID-Tags and Readers

TagMaster, the leading producer of advanced RFID solutions

for Automatic Vehicle Identification together with SKIDATA, a glob- al leader in access solutions and their efficient management, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding where both companies have agreed to cooperate in the field of supplying integrated long range UHF RFID solutions. This integration will support the SKI- DATA Keytag to be read by TagMaster XT-readers designed for installations in parking. The integration of TagMaster XT-readers with the SKIDATA

Keytag will provide a contactless “hands free” entry and exit for parking facilities. TagMaster products are being used since many years in many installations all around the world where SKIDATA parking management equipment is used. Furthermore the new interface will provide a smooth and reliable integration between the RFID reader and the parking management system. TagMaster reliable long range RFID readers are divided into the

XT- series designed for the UHF frequency range and the well known LR-series working in the license free 2.45 GHz frequency band. Both product families use the same powerful LINUX based future proof platform thus making the now implemented integra- tion available in both product families with frequency hopping and an intuitive web configuration. The integration between TagMaster readers and the SKIDATA management equipment supports SKI- DATA’s hands-free keymotion parking.

Don’t get left in the dust. Onl

Only Advance s eepers remo e 90%of a Our patented DustGuar


Our patented DustGuard™ system controls dust along the entirthe entire sweep pa h with an ultra-fine mist that bonds to and contains airborne dust particles for the most complete sweep. Now you can leave surfaces clean, dry and ready to use.

e sweep path with an ultra-fine mist that bondst

to and contains airborne dust particles for the most complete sweep. Now you can leave surfaces clean, dry and ready to use.

DustGuard™ S e and swe


ustGuard™System captuture and sweeps dust tto the center

eeps dust to

Systtem captures o

ththe centeter. res

r. 800-850-5559

A Nilfisk-Advance Brand ©2011 Nlfisk-Advance

Nilfisk-Advance Brand ©2011 Nilfisk-Advance

800-850-5559 Visit to learn more. Visit ad to learn more.

ance sweepers remove 90% of airborirborne du system controls dust along

ne dust.

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