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coins from the meters. Revenue is often increased, as the fee paid by coin may be limited to what the patron has on hand; whereas, credit card, debit card or smart card payments are not limited. The multi-space pay stations also can accept validations,

if such a program is initiated in a retail or restaurant district, for example. One also can install video cameras or sensors in each park-

ing space that are connected to a computer that determines if someone is parked in the space and has not paid a fee. Parking enforcement personnel can then be dispatched to that location to issue a ticket.

Smart Parking Design Smart Parking also can apply to the use of technology to

improve the design of multilevel parking structures. Above-ground, stand-alone, multi-level parking structures

that use internally sloping ramps for both parking and circula- tion are generally the most economical to construct and operate, if the size of the site is adequate to accomplish such a system with reasonable efficiency. A reasonable efficiency is generally less than 350 square foot per stall. A minimum size site would be approximately 120 feet by 150 feet. If the site is smaller and/or the efficiency is much greater

than indicated, then it may be advantageous to consider automat- ed vehicle storage (AVS) systems. They use computer-controlled electric motors on a shallow platform to pick up and transport

vehicles from an entry compartment to a vertical lift for storage in a compartment on an upper level. AVS systems utilize much less site area and much less height

per level than a conventional garage. They also can accommodate twice the number of vehicles in the same volume as a convention- al, ramp-access garage, or the same number of vehicles can be accommodated in half the volume. When constructing parking underground and/or under a

building, it may be less expensive to design an AVS system, as the loss in efficiency to park around building columns and/or the savings in volume at the high unit cost of underground con- struction may offset the cost of providing the automated park- ing machinery. AVS systems also have other advantages in that the vehicle

is stored in an unoccupied storage vault so it is more secure. Mechanical ventilation is not required, as the vehicles are stored without the engines running. Pedestrian stairs and elevators are not required. Minimal lighting is required. Additionally, AVS systems do not require on-site staff, so

labor costs are greatly minimized. And user convenience is enhanced as using them is analogous to automated valet parking. So, you can see that one can apply “smart parking” to the full

gamut of policy, management, operations and design to optimize any parking program.

Donald R. Monahan, P.E., a Walker Parking Consultants Vice President, can be reached at

PT Parking Guidance Systems Announcing TCS International’s NEW End of Stall Single Space Solution

TCS latest product launch integrates the individual space parking sensor and space availability lights into a single product for end of space installation for easy viewing. By angling the sensor, TCS is able to eliminate the need for installing segregated sensors and lamps for each parking space. This innovative solution coupled with our wireless system communication significantly reduces installation costs while providing high visibility with a less intrusive design. Every sensor detects vehicle presence through ultrasonic distance measurement displaying space status utilizing multi-color LEDs. Each occupancy status change updates way finding signage providing drivers with the latest space availability information

TCS is a system integrator specializing in the design and implementation of intelligent parking systems. Over the last ten years TCS has deployed a variety of leading edge solutions specific to the intelligent parking guidance market for cities, transportation organizations, airports, hospitals, convention and shopping centers, casinos, colleges and large e

mployee parking lots.

Single Space System Layout

Single Space Solution Let us Guide you to the Possibilities USA 55 Union Ave.| Sudbury, MA 01776| T978-443-2527| F978-579-9545|Canada 70 Six Point Rd. Etobicoke, ON M8Z2X2| T416-259-4862| F416-252-0285| 30 Parking Today

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