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The Law of Unintended Consequences (Posted March 2)

This has nothing to do with parking, but I couldn’t resist.

San Francisco has a smelly problem. Read about it here (“Low- flow toilets cause a stink in SF”). As in many municipalities, the extremely green folks in

Baghdad by the Bay have mandated low water-consuming toi- lets. The toilet designers have come up with special commodes that sweep away sewage with less and less water. They also have low-flow showers, saving the environment. So far so good. What could possibly go wrong? “Unintended Consequences” strikes again. Since the

amount of water flowing through the sewers is now lower (low- flow toilets and showers), sludge is building up in the sewers. And it smells, particularly on warm summer days. The solu- tion: Pour bleach down the sewers to clear out the sludge (just like you clear balky drains at home). SF is pouring 4,250 tons of the stuff down the drains each

year at a cost of almost $5 million. Of course, that bleach has to go somewhere. Yep, into the bay. On one hand, the low-flush toilets save 27 gallons of water

per person per year (20 million gallons in a city of 750,000 peo- ple) but at what environmental cost? My guess is that if they simply ran a campaign to take one

less shower a year, or shower with a friend, or don’t flush when you get up in the middle of the night to pee, they would save more water and the bay at the same time. Just saying…

‘Get a Hybrid…or a Baby’ (Posted March 2)

I have been commenting on “special” parking for “special”

cars for years. The concept of a close-in reserved spot for a “fuel efficient” vehicle is anathema. So this headline got my atten- tion: “Can’t Find a Parking Spot? Get a Hybrid…or a Baby.” The story in the Pioneer Press in Minnesota’s Twin Cities nails this PC problem. (Scarlett was hot on the trail of a good parking story and broke this one on PT’s Facebook page.) “Special” parking has begun to get a tad out of hand. Not

only are there spots reserved for the handicapped, they also are reserved for “hybrids,” “fuel efficient,” “car pool,” or as the article’s author wrote: “Everyone else who has to park farther and farther away wonders what’s next. Reserved parking for veterans? Nice people who need a break? Flaming jerks who can’t wait?” I think that if a private enterprise wants to roll the dice and

put in reserved spaces, so be it. Let the marketplace decide. If I have to park farther away because some “enviro” decides that a Volt or Leaf gets a close-in space, then I can elect to shop some- where else, or walk.

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