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“I like it,” It was Mary. “Hell, Paul, I’d even kiss you if it meant taking

down that S.O.B” said Vose. We spend a few minutes fleshing out the plan

and looking at possible problems. It was shaky, but it would work. I would take parking expert Jeffer- son and Mary to meet my buddy at Channel 5 so he could start on the expose. The party broke up, and I asked Shirley if she

would like to stay a while and check out my etch- ings. She laughed and went out on the balcony with a glass of wine. I joined her, and we settled down on the love seat and enjoyed the warm evening, the smell of sage and chaparral, the peri- odic howl of a coyote, and each other. About an hour later, the phone rang. It was

Mary. “Paul, I need help. Moncrief’s men came to the

cabin in Arrowhead. They have taken my son. Mon- crief told me he wanted to be sure I was really ‘his’ and would keep Roger ‘on ice’ until after the uni- versity presentation. I’m to be on Moncrief’s arm when he is honored. “We can’t do anything at the ceremony or he will

kill Roger.” To be continued ...

PT Larry Donoghue Awarded

40th Airport Operational Audit The Jacksonville Aviation Authority selected Larry Donoghue Associates, Inc. to conduct an operational audit of the airport’s public parking facilities, which has over 9,000 spaces and gross revenue of $16,000,000.

In 2000, the firm conducted an earlier operational audit for the Authority. Because a new parking operator and new revenue control equipment are in place, the Authority wanted to have the audit updated.

Larry Donoghue has now been selected to conduct a total of 40 operational audits for airports in the United States and Canada. Fifteen of them are large hubs. Seven of them have similarly reengaged him for follow up audits about 10 years later.

Larry is widely respected for his extensive research into all aspects of revenue control. Most particularly, he is recognized as the leader in developing means of combating fraud by patrons, cashiers, supervisors and managers. He has developed many very successful anti-fraud programs to protect his clients against losses by dishonest patrons and employees.

Larry Donoghue Associates, Inc. 1550 N. Northwest Highway, Suite 334, Park Ridge, IL 60068-1433

Larry Donoghue

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Central Parking Awarded Contract with City of Portland

Central Parking System, Inc. a national leader in parking manage-

ment, announced that Central Parking, along with a joint venture partner headed by Portland entrepreneur, Roy Jay, and the City of Portland, have signed a contract to manage and operate the city’s six SmartPark garages. The contract was awarded to Central Parking at the recommendation of an evaluation committee which included downtown retailers. The com- mittee evaluated several proposals to manage the SmartPark operation before selecting Central Parking. The Portland City Council formally approved the committee’s recommendation to award the $30 million con- tract to Central Parking in January. Central Parking has extensive experi- ence with city contracts, with over 50 city and government contracts under their management. Jerry Skillett, Vice President of Central Parking, said, “We are hon-

ored to become the city’s new business partner and would like to express Central Parking’s commitment to improving the management of the city’s 3,825 parking spaces in the SmartPark system.” Skillett added, “Central Parking will be utilizing innovative promotions with downtown busi- nesses, introducing the next generation of high-tech parking applications and modernizing the existing SmartPark business model so customers will see a profound improvement in Portland’s SmartPark garages.” Roy Jay, who partnered with Central Parking, said, “Customers will

begin to see improvements in service and greater efficiencies in the Smart- Park garages in the weeks ahead.We are bringing state-of-the-art technol- ogy to Portland’s SmartPark venues that will forever change the parking industry in Portland. Times have changed and consumers want efficiency and that is what we are bringing to the SmartPark garages.”


Parking Today

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