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BELBIN AND WHITE TIE THE KNOT Olympic ice dance medalists Tanith Belbin

and Charlie White tied the knot on April 25 at the Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Belbin, who won silver with partner Ben Agosto at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games and White, who won gold in 2014 with Meryl Davis, have been dating since 2009.

White’s brother-in-law, Todd Weishaus, offici-

ated at the ceremony in front of 130 of Belbin and White’s family and friends, People magazine report- ed. The couple was joined at the altar by maid of honor and retired ice dancer Lauren Senft, White’s three sisters and Davis, all wearing pink dresses. Belbin and White became engaged in June 2014 while the couple was on vacation in Hawaii.

Haven Denney, the 2015 U.S. pairs silver medalist with partner Brandon Frazier, under- went right knee surgery on April 27. The surgery was performed in Vail, Colorado, by Dr. Robert F. LaPrade. Denney’s rehabilita- tion will begin in Vail and continue at her training base in Florida before her return to the ice. Denney and Frazier are the 2014 Hilton HHonors Skate America silver med- alists and ended the season with a 12th-place finish at the 2015 World Champion- ships in March.

Figure Skating in Harlem gala dances the night away Olympic champion Evan Lysacek counts

himself fortunate to watch the Figure Skating in Harlem (FSH) program evolve and grow. “This is my seventh year working with

them,” Lysacek, one of the honorees at the annual FSH gala on April 13 in New York City, said. “I’ve seen the resources and opportuni- ties that the girls are afforded through being in this program. It makes the work the staff, volunteers, parents and board do so reward- ing.

“I partnered last year with Citi for a pro-

gram called ‘Every Step of the Way,’” he added. “It was part of their Sochi activation cam- paign, and I brought Figure Skating in Harlem into the program with me as my youth sports

charity of choice. I’ve worked with them at their school, on the ice. I’m glad to be here and honored to be a part of the event.” The evening’s other honorees were fem-

inist icon Gloria Steinem and Feld Entertain- ment’s Nicole, Alana and Juliette Feld. FSH is an organization based in the Harlem commu- nity in New York City that provides girls ages 6 to 18 with on-ice skating and extensive off-ice learning opportunities. There was no ice at this year’s gala. It

took place at 583 Park Avenue, a beautiful event space. The theme was dancing, and at- tendees were invited to dance with the star skaters in attendance. Meryl Davis performed with her “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, in tribute to Lysacek. The FSH girls wore tags that encouraged

attendees to “Ask me about Life Skills” and “Ask me about STEM.” Throughout this year’s program, there

were classes related to STEM (science, tech- nology, engineering and mathematics). A curriculum specialist worked with FSH skat- ing director Lisa Blue to develop lessons for the different age groups to present STEM through the lens of skating.

6 JUNE-JULY 2015 “I learned about nutrition. We learned

about exercising, the proper food to feed your body. We did a food diary and shared healthy recipes with each other in class,” said Ila Epperson, 12, whose professional goal is to be a physician. “In school, we learn formulas and differ-

ent things about science, but here we actual- ly did hands-on things,” said Jessica Richards, 16. “It was a different take on science.” In lieu of skating, there were two spo-

ken-word performances by the FSH girls that they wrote themselves. “It’s about what we have learned from

FSH and how we take our lessons and apply that to the world around us,” Cheyenne Pom- melle, 17, said. “It’s also in honor of Gloria Stei- nem.”

Next up for FSH is creating satellite pro-

grams in other cities. It’s developed manuals with all its procedures that it’s calling “FSH in a Box.” FSH staff will train program directors in the new locations with the goal that the pro- grams will be self-sufficient over time. — Lois Elfman

Olympic champion Meryl Davis and members of Figure Skating in Harlem enjoy the annual gala.




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