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ACTION ITEMS This year, the Governing Council con-

sidered approximately 40 rule changes, which is down significantly from the previ- ous season.

Notable decisions included the Gov-

erning Council approving a dues increase for the 2016–17 season. The board recommend- ed, and the Governing Council approved, the change this year to give members and clubs more than a year to prepare for the increase. The Governing Council also elected for-

mer Olympic and World champions as Hon- orary Members of U.S. Figure Skating. Other noteworthy changes, all of which

Hugh Graham and Lucy Brennan were two of several outstanding officials honored for their years of ser- vice at U.S. Figure Skating.

of them. When it came to the delegates voting, two

proposals engendered the most debate. Te first dealt with concussions and giving the event referee the authority to pull a skater off the ice if he or she determines there’s a safety risk for the skater. Te majority agreed that it is the role of the event ref- eree to consider the health and welfare of the skat- er when medical personnel aren’t present, and the proposal was approved. Te second came from the pairs committee

regarding the elimination of the death spiral from the pre-juvenile and the juvenile levels, as well as requiring just a single throw jump instead of a dou- ble throw jump and only one lift at the juvenile level. Tose proposals were approved. Toward the end of the meeting, Kelley Morris

Adair presented Kathy Slack and John Millier with the PSA’s Distinguished Officials Award. Millier accepted the honor for both Slack and himself, as Slack was attending the Skate for Hope ice show in Bowling Green, Ohio, on the same night. Former U.S. Figure Skating President Patricia St. Peter told the delegation that Slack has cancer and then read a letter of thanks from her.

Te delegation stood up and applauded Slack

and Millier; the large cheering contingent was vid- eotaped and sent to Slack. Governing Council organizer Kathy Drevs helped to wrap up Governing Council by announc- ing that next year’s GC meeting will be held April 27–30 in Columbus, Ohio.

Kelley Morris-Adair presents John Millier and Kathy Slack with the PSA Distinguished Officials Award.

will go into effect July 1, 2015, were: • Qualifying events have been added

to the adult sectional and U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships for the adult silver ladies and men’s free skates. • Fall deductions have been reduced

to -0.5 per fall per skater for the juvenile, in- termediate and adult singles, pairs and ice dance events judged using the international judging system. • A bonus system has been added for

juvenile, intermediate and novice singles events to reward skaters who attempt dou- ble Axels (juvenile and intermediate) and/ or triple jumps (intermediate and novice). In order to earn the applicable bonus, the attempted jump must be missing less than one-half revolution (i.e., identified as under- rotated or fully rotated). • Rules were changed to define the

half-loop as a listed jump with the value of a single loop at all levels in singles skating, including those judged using the 6.0 sys- tem and all adult levels. The purpose of this change was to bring consistency across all singles events and hopefully eliminate con- fusion about how the half-loop should be treated at different levels. • A triple-triple combination is now

allowed in the novice ladies and men’s short programs. • Two triple jumps — one as part of

the jump combination and one as the solo jump — are now allowed in the intermediate ladies and men’s short programs. If two triple jumps are performed, they must be different (e.g., triple toe loop and triple Salchow). • One three-jump combination with

a maximum of two double jumps is now al- lowed in the juvenile and open juvenile girls and boys well-balanced free skates. • The block or circle step sequence

element has been removed from the inter- mediate synchronized skating well-balanced free skate and replaced with the no hold ele- ment.

• The block or circle step sequence ele-

ment has been removed from the adult syn- chronized skating well-balanced free skate, and the program length has been reduced to 3:15 minutes +/- 10 seconds. These changes only represent a por-

tion of what was approved by the Govern- ing Council on May 2. For full details on all approved changes, visit content.asp?menu=leadership&id=443.


President — Samuel Auxier

Midwestern and First Vice President — Lainie DeMore

Pacific Coast and Second Vice President — Sharon Watson

Eastern and Third Vice President — Anne Cammett Secretary — Heather Nemier Treasurer — Bob Anderson

Athlete Services Group Coordinator — Doug Williams

Membership Development Group Coordinator — Edward Mann

Technical Group Coordinator — Lynn Goldman

Administrative/Legal Group Coordinator — Steve Wolkin

Coaching Members of the Board — Ben Miller Reisman, Justin Dillon


Pilar Bosley (ice dance) John Coughlin (pairs) Derrick Delmore (singles) Erika Hoffman (synchronized skating)

OFFICIALS RECOGNIZED FOR SERVICE AT GOVERNING COUNCIL: 60-year judges — Claire Ferguson, Charles Fos- ter, Susan Johnson

50-year judges — Harland Burge, Janet Car- penter, Edwin Cossitt, Barbara Holland, Laurel Pietsch

50-year national judges — Lucy Brennan, Hugh Graham, Franklin Nelson

40-year judges — Susan Adamson, Joan Gor- don, Linda Leaver, Janet Mattson, Sandra Sipkin, Carol Weier, Sharon Wright

40-year accountant — Barbara Gloeckner

25-year judges — Elisa Boyer, Sandra Burkons, Jessica Bussgang, J. Donald Conrad, Myra Dria, David Freiman, Lynn Goldman, Carolyn Grim- ditch, Stephen Kawalko, Warren King, Caren Kirsch, Kathleen Krieger, Charles LeClair, John Millier, Kirsten Novak, Karen Raines, Shawn Rettstatt, Earl Roberts, Charlotte Schermerhorn, Mary Jo Spellman, Robert Wagner, Deborah Weidman, Cheryl Wood

25-year accountants — Rena Krane, Shirley Sis- son, Robb Steinheider, Esther Stephens

25-year referees — Kristin Arneson Cutler, Nor- man Barker, Todd Bromley, Elaine Bushey, Tamie Campbell, Gregory Cannon, Eleanor Curtis, Roger Glenn, Kathleen Flaherty Harmon, Dor- othy Jamison, Norman Lesser, Wendy Melland, Colleen Parke, Richard Perez, Margery Schleh, C. Jack Searle, Kathy Slack, Kennard Taylor, Dave Thompson, Bette Todd, James Webb, Woody Weier, Steve Winkler

25-year clubs — Central Florida FSC, Silver Streaks SC

50-year clubs — Amherst SC, SC of Brunswick, Carriage FSC, Oswego FSC, White Plains FSC

75-year clubs — Great Falls FSC, Hibbing FSC, FSC of Omaha


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