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for my career before. When I first joined the MBMC I was working in the online department of my company, but enjoyed the sales module so much, that I looked into moving departments straight away. An opportunity came up pretty soon and by the end of the course I had been promoted to the head of sales for one of our women’s brands, JOY.

How has the course helped in your day-to-day work? Again, the sales module was a bit of an eye-opening experience and I suddenly realised that with my ‘sunshine yellow’ personality (those who did MBMC will know what I’m talking about) this area of publishing was perfect for me. I got to be creative and strategic at the same

time and was able to apply so many things I learned during the MBMC. A year after the MBMC, Marquard Media Germany was bought by Bauer Media and I was given a second magazine brand to sell – MAXI. And now, another year later, I am the head of sales for JOY, MAXI and SHAPE and key account manager for all fashion, jewellery and watch advertisers for the whole German portfolio. Bauer Media is one of the world’s biggest publishers and we publish around 40 magazines in Germany, so that is a huge responsibility and I am still loving every minute of it. During the MBMC I did not find all the modules equally relevant to my position (such as print and paper), but in the past couple of years they have all

popped up from time to time. Suddenly, my old notes came in pretty handy!

Overall, what have you taken away from the course?

The course made me so much more capable and also confident in what I do and I gained knowledge that I would have otherwise had to spend many more years of education on. Also, I met so many amazing people from

all over the world during the course, who all have such different areas of expertise and skills. Some of us are still in touch and exchange ideas from time to time. It is also great to know that wherever my next business trip will take me, I will have a friend to have a drink with.

tasting in order to graduate! All joking aside, the course had more facets than I thought: finance, strategy, innovation, brand leveraging, digital aspects and many more were all included.

Katharina Bota COO Burda Romania

Why did you attend the course? Burda International supports FIPPs education programme and has sent several colleagues to MBMC courses in recent years. The goals are to catch up with latest global trends in publishing and to network with young media managers.

Was it what you expected? I did not expect having to pass a whiskey

You received a distinction – how hard did you have to work for this? Part of the learning experience is that you return home after the workshops and put into practice what you have learned, also in the form of homework. For instance, we had to create a P&L for a magazine launch, a proposal for licensing a brand internationally, and an analysis of our individual communication style. Some time investment is needed, but it’s well worth it.

What aspects of the course did you find particularly inspiring or useful? Strategic Planning with Richard Flaye has left a lasting impression: He didn’t just recite the famous guidelines by Peter


The MBMC is a practical, experienced-based, modular programme that comprehensively covers the knowledge areas and management skills you need to take your career and magazine media brands to the highest level.

Along with the unique opportunity to share best practice and personal experiences with professional peers from around the world, our respected course leaders give you their extensive knowledge, experience and insights on each topic covered.

Taught from an international perspective to professionals from around the globe - no other course brings together all the elements of publishing and brand management.

All course leaders are highly regarded professionals, practitioners and recognised experts in their subject area.

The modules reflect the multi- platform nature of our industry today.

Flying high: MBMC 2014 graduates

The MBMC is designed to meet the needs of today’s rising stars, appreciating the pressures that you face in your daily job. Magazine World | Issue 86_2014 41

MBMC is for those who have the ambition and commitment to ensure they and their brands reach their full potential.

Visit mbmc to secure your place in 2015. The course starts in February, in London.

Contact or

Drucker as many strategy professors do. He rather immersed the whole group in a vivid dissection of an actual magazine from Singapore – positioning, success factors, ways of competing. He wanted us to answer what business we are actually in. And more often than not, the answer “magazines” just does not cut it anymore.

How has the course helped in your day-to-day work? Since I was promoted to COO at the beginning of this year, I have been handling most of the communication with our licensors. We have several outstanding international brands in our portfolio. The course gave great insights into the world of licensing.

Overall, what have you taken away from the course? Many ideas of excellent things that can be done with magazine brands beyond print and a couple of new friends from the industry.

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