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A hearty welcome from a country of passionate readers

The 2015 FIPP World Congress will take place in Toronto, Canada. FIPP asked Mark Jamison, CEO of Magazines Canada, why his country is the perfect fit for the world’s biggest magazine media event.

What can attendees expect in Toronto? Toronto will make every FIPP delegate feel at home. The city is among the most ethno- culturally diverse urban centres in the world, with more than 140 languages spoken and dozens of distinct neighbourhoods that each offer their own intimate sense of place within a major metropolis. The Toronto subway and streetcar systems make getting anywhere easy, so delegates will have no trouble enjoying post-session taste of the food and flavour of funky Kensington, lively Chinatown, the Fashion District, the relaxed Beaches, the Italian bistros of College Street, or any other city-within-a-city they wish to explore.

What can delegates do outside of the Congress? We have a lot of love for our city, and we’re ready to help plan an entertaining, delicious and impressive FIPP Fringe programme. This will include visits to some of the fantastic local bars and restaurants and, of course, delegates will have the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls. The city is home to internationally acclaimed

cultural institutions such as the Toronto Symphony, the Royal Ontario Museum and the National Ballet of Canada. For sports fans,

Toronto boasts major league soccer, baseball and basketball teams and the dearly loved (if rarely victorious) Maple Leafs NHL hockey team. It’s impossible to visit Toronto without seeing the CN Tower, mainly because at 553.33 metres high, it dominates the landscape. Once the world’s tallest tower, it’s still impressive.

What are Canadian readership figures like? The magazine industry in Canada is strong. The top 25 print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 regularly scheduled primetime TV shows, with readership consistent across generations and less fluctuation among age groups than TV, Internet and radio. Average issue magazine readership of publications measured by the country’s Print Measurement Bureau is approximately one million readers per PMB-measured title. Around four-out-of-five Canadians have read a PMB-measured magazine in the past three months, with that number consistent across all demographics, including digitally savvy teenagers and young adults. On average, readers spend more than 40 minutes per issue reading their chosen magazines. Nearly 90 per cent of Canadian magazines are purchased via subscription, with the remainder purchased at newsstand. Most Canadian magazines have evolved their multi-platform strategies with online and mobile platforms, and a large number of magazines also have digital editions for tablets and e-readers. Readership of digital magazines is up 57 per cent from last year.

One of Toronto’s subterranean malls

What makes Canada the perfect fit for Congress? Canada is a microcosm of magazine media activity around the world. With the US to our south, Canadian publishers face the challenge of engaging their domestic audience in their own country every day, on every platform. This has made our publishers both sophisticated and creative about audience building.

Why is it valuable for your organisation to be involved? Magazines Canada represents quality Canadian-owned, Canadian-content consumer, cultural, specialty, professional and business media magazines in both French and English, on multiple platforms. MC focuses on government affairs, services to the advertising trade, circulation marketing and the development of career skills for and the recognition of excellence among the people who work in Canada’s magazine media. Ongoing dialogue and interaction with our international counterparts allows our publishers to learn from global thought leaders, and to share our domestic success stories with the world. Taking part in the World Congress will shine a spotlight on our vibrant domestic industry; it will foster new partnerships and business opportunities; it will bring to Canada the leading innovators from consumer and business media to further inspire Canadian innovators. MC and FIPP enjoy an excellent relationship on many levels and harnessing our shared goals and evolution is a win-win for both of us.


Take advantage of our World Congress offer, running until 15 February – tickets at the early bird rate plus two nights’ free hotel accommodation at the Sheraton Toronto. Visit for more information or to book your place, or contact and/ or

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