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Survival of the quickest

“Two years from now spam will be solved.” Bill Gates, World Economic Forum, 2004


hough it seems like only five minutes ago I was asked to give my thoughts on what the big issues for the magazine industry would

be in 2014, it’s already time to gaze into the crystal ball and set out what I think 2015 will deliver. Predictions, especially when put into print, are of course open to ridicule, but hopefully I can avoid a Bill Gates moment.

Think Millennial As someone from the ‘boomer’ generation, it appears I must now bow out gracefully and hand centre-stage to that rather scary creature, the Millennial. Aged between 18-35 and making up about a quarter of the world’s population, they are now the power grouping that all marketers want to engage with. They have never known a world without connectivity. They use social media rather than traditional news sources. They create their own content. They share. Clever media companies are working very, very hard to understand how to target this audience.

Video content a ‘must have’. Every piece of research I’ve seen demonstrates the power of video content in engaging the consumer. Forrester calculated that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. It’s quite a claim, but while I haven’t looked at the

minutiae of their methodology, it feels right. Studies have also shown that the consumer spends double the amount of time watching online video than they do in reading online text. Video advertising also generates four times the leads of non-video advertising. It explains why Meredith, Condé Nast, Hearst et al have created, one way or another, video production units.


‘Print is dead’ will be dead The launch of MPA’s 360° in the USA (pages 18-19) has changed the narrative regarding the health of the magazine media industry. This bold attempt to demonstrate the breadth of reach of a magazine brand beyond its traditional print base has generally been well received, though it is not without its critics. It’s a given that all audit methodologies have their own peculiarities, even those that claim to be measurable – what after all is the value of a ‘like’ or a ‘friend’ or even a ‘click’ ? – but they are discussions that will now see the end of the redundant ‘print is dead’ debate.

The consumer will pay for content Axle Springer and the New York Times have recently invested in Blendle, a Dutch- based content kiosk with micro-payment software that enables individual articles to be bought. Another sign that the paid content opportunity has moved on. There will be more experimentation in this area.

Frequency will move ‘from months to moments’ Duncan Edwards, CEO of Hearst Interna- tional, talked earlier this year about how the consumer’s expectations had changed and that editorial teams had to move their thinking from ‘months to moments.’ This

What is the value of a ‘like’, ‘friend’ or ‘click’ ?

will have massive implications for the cre- ation, curation and sharing of content for all magazine media brands and the production processes that surround it. “If you don’t have something new for your audience at 6am, you are out of the game,” he said. “We are seeing extraordinary growth in our digital audiences as a result of that.” Think about that . . .

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