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Landing pages and inbound marketing techniques Over 90 per cent of those who download a magazine app leave the appstore without buying or trialling an issue according to the PPA. A ‘landing page’ (a web page dedicated to a particular campaign), can help to improve conversion by demonstrating the magazine and explaining the offer before asking a user to begin the download process. Every app needs at least one landing page on the web that can be used to explain what the digital magazine is about, what it looks like, how it works, what is in the latest issue and where and how to download it. This landing page should be used as the target for SEO and social media activity. It is estimated that 70 per cent of those

who download a ‘free’ container or ‘shell’ app believe that they have just downloaded a free magazine. These represent hard won prospective buyers who are now annoyed because they feel duped. Using inbound marketing techniques on your landing page can help identify these users before they get to the appstore, ensure they understand the magazine is not free and retain their details for future marketing.

Promote better in print titles The most successful marketers of digital publications are probably the national newspapers, such as The Times and The Wall St Journal. These publications dedicate significant print space to promoting their digital offer and create constantly changing packages to encourage trial and sign up using dedicated phone lines to explain and convert prospects into sales. Conversely, most print magazines run a single page ad, which often points to a long URL that needs to be entered into a web browser.

Make a video of your app It is far easier to understand the appeal of a digital magazine by watching a short video than it is to go to the appstore, download the app and then download an issue. In iOS 8 Apple enables you to record a video of an app using the latest Yosemite software on a Mac connected to either an iPhone or iPad (Tom

Simple menu separates different editions Various versions linked to different app stores that work for device being used Video showcases app / sells proposition FAQs answer any other questions

An example of a good landing page: (

Magvault is a digital magazine portal and consults to publishers on digital magazines. Neil Morgan is its co-founder, and tweets from @BestMagApps and @Magvault.

Magazine World | Issue 86_2014 33

of the social media and SEO marketing process. In Magvault we include YouTube videos of all magazine apps and see it as a key part of driving traffic to the appstores.

Update, check and test Once you’ve worked out your keywords, written your descriptions, made your video and curated your landing page be prepared to test and update them based on the results. Don’t convince yourself that you have finished marketing your website (although you will have done more than most) because in the online world everything is constantly evolving and you need to adapt in order to thrive.

Magvault has put more than 6,000 digital magazines into categories and sub genres

Step 1: Add keywords. Step 2: Find ranking. Step 3: Evaluate and pick keywords

Royal from Popular Science explains how to do this at The video is added as the first ‘screenshot’ in the magazine store listing in the appstore. Google Play also supports app video previews. Videos of magazine apps should also be uploaded and promoted on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo as part

Get organised Social media is highly effective way of reaching groups of people who are interested in subjects covered by magazines. Creating a buzz online is far more likely to generate the sort of searches that your discoverability techniques will be able to convert into downloads and purchases. Although Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr all have highly targeted and cost-effective paid-for promotional tools most social media activity is free. As magazine apps you have a wealth of original content, illustrated with images and possibly video, that will make you stand out from the average post. As much social media activity is rightfully carried out by editorial staff, rather than a central marketing resource, their experience, techniques and effectiveness vary significantly. Creating a standardised target like an appstore URL or a landing page and using a shortened URL, such as Bitly, will allow you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Get an expert partner Magvault is a search engine for digital magazine apps. It’s a free service that offers promotion and links to appstores. Magvault is an active user of social media and it constantly promotes magazines with links to pages containing dedicated appstore links. We write reviews of digital magazines that stand out from the crowd and we have over 6,000 digital magazines from UK, US, Canada and Australia in our database. But we are not alone. There are other third party sites where magazines can submit their details and become discoverable to the millions with tablets and the billions with smartphones who have never experienced a digital magazine.

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