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wo-time PBA Tour champion, Ryan Ciminelli, has a story much like many of his peers on the PBA Tour. It is a story of the sacrifice without which his career would not have been possible.

The sacrifice Ciminelli credits as the reason he now makes a living on the lanes is not his own, but rather his parents’. Like many players who went on to achieve success as professional bowlers, Ciminelli’s childhood is colored by memories of weekends his parents gave up to take him from one tournament to the next, money they invested in bowling equipment and trips to out-of-state bowling events, long days watching their son bowl qualifying blocks, and longer nights spent talking him through his tougher days on the lanes. If a professional bowling career was something Ciminelli

may never have had if not for his parents, Ciminelli seized his first opportunity to give them something they themselves never had: a honeymoon. “The coolest thing that bowling has ever done for me on the holidays was after my title loss to Sean Rash in the Tournament of Champions,” Ciminelli says of his runner-up finish in that event in 2012. The performance earned him a $40,000 check. “It was the first time I had any real money in the bank,” Ciminelli explained. “So I decided to plan a honeymoon for my parents, because they never got to go on one.” As a Christmas gift that year, Ciminelli booked his parents

a week-long stay at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, Calif., a five-star, luxury destination. Ciminelli explained that upon their arrival, his parents had dinners, massages, and sightseeing all ready to go for them. “One of the coolest feelings in the world was being able

to give that to them,” he added. “Especially the awesome irony that the whole trip was financed by the thing that became their entire lives — my bowling career.”

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Ryan Ciminelli (center) with his father, Angelo, and his wife, Chelsie.

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