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Ball Review


46 Hook 17 Length 13 Breakpoint Shape DV8: OUTCAST

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The DV8 Outcast was designed for bowlers just starting to hook the ball or competitive bowlers on lighter oil patterns,” says Brunswick R&D engineer Aaron Koch. “The Class 1 reactive cover, paired with the Outcast core, give excellent length and a controlled break- point while still delivering plenty of energy to the pins.”

Core: The Outcast core produces an RG of 2.54 and a differential of .030. We saw about 3 inches of flare.

Coverstock: The Class 1 reactive cover comes in three colors — black citron, mango tango and melon baller. It is sanded with 500 Siaair, followed by Royal Compound and topped off with Royal Shine. The RA measures 2.14 and the effective surface grit is 5070.

Overview: The Outcast series, which is replac- ing the Misfits, looks like more bang for the buck from DV8’s entry-level balls. Moreover, the Outcast provides great shelf appeal with the vibrant colors. We were able to use this ball on all three of our patterns with success and lots of strikes. On Stone Street, we both played more direct up the lane around the eight-board, but if we got inside, it rolled up well and didn’t over- push behind the pocket. Our misses to the right provided a smooth, controlled reaction back to the pocket. Terrance calls it “a gem in the rough,” as he struck a lot with it. On the USBC Doubles/ Singles pattern, we could get lined up in the track area, where it never seemed to have too much push for the 40-ft. pattern, and the predictable motion off the backend made it very playable. It was easy to see where the Outcast picked up a little earlier, providing more reaction than the

“We were able to use this ball on all three of our patterns with success and lots of strikes.”

Misfit series. On the lighter house pattern, we had area between the second and third arrows. The Outcast’s cover allowed us to open up the pattern nicely with a good amount of recovery to the right and easy push through the fronts. We saw about two to three more boards of hook compared to the orange and red Misfit (February 2014) on all three patterns. Bowlers with lower speeds will love the clean motion through the fronts, and high rev rate players will love the controlled motion on the backend. The Outcast is a winner for all new bowlers looking for a hook ball at a great value.

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