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54 Hook 13 Length 14 Breakpoint Shape COLUMBIA 300: MELT DOWN

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Bowlers with medium to low rev rates will love the Melt Down on any fresh condition, while bowlers with heavy hands will be able to stand left and hook the entire lane, but will excel when there is a little more oil in the front part of the lane,” says Bugsy Kelly, Columbia 300 Marketing Director for Communications.

Core: The SD medium RG core has an RG of 2.51, a differential of .053 and an intermediate differen- tial of .004. We saw more than 4 inches of flare. This is the same core used in the Take Down (January 2014) and the Smack Down (June 2013) in the upper mid-performance line.

Coverstock: The orange, yellow and purple Bring- It Max solid reactive coverstock is sanded with 500 and 2000 grit Abralon. The RA value measures 11.57 and the effective surface grit is 2620.

Overview: The Melt Down brings the strongest cover and core matchup in the Columbia upper mid-performance line since the Smack Down. The cover makes the Melt Down start up strong, but it continues that motion through the breakpoint and into the pocket. On Stone Street, it was easy to line up to the pocket and conquer the longer house pattern. We didn’t see any over/under reaction, because it was smoothed out nicely by the strong cover. The ball rolled exceptionally well on the USBC Doubles/Singles pattern for both Terrence and me. We were able to play the track area with a smooth, strong, predictable motion off the breakpoint. The strong roll through the pins and good carry were much more noticeable on the flatter USBC Doubles/Singles Sport pat- tern. The Melt Down, out of the box, is easily too much for our lighter house pattern and would need some polish. Using the CATS on both Stone

“The Melt Down brings the strongest cover and core matchup in the Columbia upper mid- performance line since the Smack Down.”

Street and the USBC patterns, we saw about five more boards of hook and a 2-ft. earlier breakpoint with the Melt Down than with the Throw Down (September 2014). These two provide a great 1-2 punch out of the bag. The Melt Down is a great choice for a fresh condition for bowlers needing a little extra help with hook. I believe high rev rate players might have to play with layouts unless it’s on heavier oil conditions, because the ball does want to rev up early in the front part of the lane.

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