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Ball Review


55 Hook 14 Length 14 Breakpoint Shape 900 GLOBAL: DREAM ON

Manufacturer’s Intent: “A lot of heads were turned by the back-end motion of the Dream [August 2014], and we wanted to give bowl- ers that same down-lane pop with a little more traction earlier on the lane,” says Global 900 Director of Multimedia and Marketing, Thomas Restey. “The Dream On features the same Identity asymmetric core, wrapped in the 74 Response Hybrid coverstock, finished at 4000 grit. The Dream On is the second introduction in the Engineer Series, and provides a stronger read on heavier oil than the Dream, without losing the pronounced back-end shape.”

Core: The Dream On uses the asymmetric Identity core, producing an RG of 2.48, a differ- ential of .054 and an intermediate differential of .024. We saw more than 5 inches of flare with our layouts.

Coverstock: The purple, blue and black 74 Response Hybrid coverstock comes out of the box sanded at 4000 grit. We measured an RA value of 11.77 and an effective surface grit of 2190.

Overview: The Dream On’s solid matte finish complements the polished pearl cover of the original Dream nicely. This ball provides a lot of hook. It reads the midlane well and keeps trucking through the pins. You might think that a ball with an asymmetric core and such a high intermediate differential would burn up, but the Dream On saves its energy nicely, even after covering a lot of boards. It kept the pins low to the deck with good carry. On the Stone Street pattern, we could get in around the third arrow and have miss room right all the way to the five- board at the breakpoint. It was more than five boards more hook than the Dream. On the USBC

“ This ball provides a lot of hook. It reads the midlane well and keeps trucking through the pins.”

Doubles/Singles pattern, we had to play around 17 at the arrows out to the track area. Out of the box, I think the cover was too strong for the pat- tern, because we didn’t have a lot of miss room left off our hands. This ball needs oil and was too strong for our light house pattern as we were forced extremely deep. The Dream On is a lot of hook for your money. It will give those needing extra help when the lanes are tight the assist they need. The Dream On will be the first ball out of the bag on longer and heavier lane conditions, for sure.

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