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51.5 Hook 15 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape AMF: NIGHT HAWK SE

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Our inspiration for the Night Hawk SE was to take a ball reac- tion from the past that everyone loved and give it that ‘Special Edition’ touch to match today’s lane conditions,” says Thomas Restey of AMF/900 Global. “With an updated coverstock, black hybrid color and ‘T’ pad finish, the Night Hawk SE is going to provide that controlled and predictable motion off the spot that every com- petitive bowler needs.”

Core: The Power Ring symmetric core produces an RG of 2.53, a differential of .046 and about 4 inches of flare.

Coverstock: The black solid/black pearl F55 hybrid reactive coverstock is sanded with a NEAT “T” pad at 4000 grit. The RA is 2.47 and the effec- tive surface grit is 4950.

Overview: I can say from experience that the Special Edition Night Hawk lives up to the name because the original Night Hawk laid out by Doene Moos helped me finish fourth in the 1999 High Roller. It’s still one of my favorite balls of all time. This one reminds me of that motion, giving me everything the original did. It’s clean through the fronts with a strong, predictable motion off the breakpoint and quite versatile. On Stone Street, the cover and core were strong enough to allow us to open up the track area with a lot of room on the path to the pocket. On our lighter house pattern, we thought it was going to be too much, but we were able to get inside and open up the pattern without the ball burning up. The Hawk saved its energy nicely from the deep angle to create a lot of drive through the pins, keeping them low to the deck. On the USBC Doubles/Singles pattern, this ball will be in a lot of bowling bags, because it gives you the length you need with a predictable motion

“On Stone Street, the cover and core were strong enough to allow us to open up the track area with a lot of room on the path to the pocket.”

right from the fresh. We started at around 13-board at the arrows to the eight-board at the breakpoint. When the pattern broke down, we could move left with it. The ball was about two more boards of hook than the Torch (September 2014) and more than an arrow more than the entry-level Xcite (reviewed this month). This Special Edition is a ball for all bowlers, from those needing some hook to those with high revs who need a great, smooth motion down the lane.

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