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51 Hook 18.5 Length 14 Breakpoint Shape BRUNSWICK: FORTERA INTRIGUE

Manufacturer’s Intent: “With its new Fortify Hybrid coverstock, the Intrigue skids effortlessly through the heads, with an unprecedented back-end flip provid- ing an incredibly powerful ball motion on medium to oily lane conditions — a new ball motion never seen before in the Brunswick line,” says Brunswick Product and Marketing Manager, Billy Orlikowski.

Core: The asymmetrical Fortera Flip core produces an RG of 2.512, a differential of .050 and an interme- diate differential of .016. We saw 4 inches of flare. This is the same core used in the original Fortera Exile (July 2014).

Coverstock: The red pearl and black solid Fortify Hybrid coverstock comes out of the factory sanded with a 500 Siaair Micro Pad and finished with Royal Compound. We measured an RA value of 1.41 and an effective surface grit of 5320.

Overview: The Fortera Intrigue complements the Fortera Exile and the Mastermind Intellect (October 2014) nicely. It gives us more length than the Exile, with a shiny motion like the Intellect. It is quite clean, with a strong, continu- ous, heavy roll in the backend, keeping the pins low. The Exile was about three more boards of hook and read the midlane stronger than the Intrigue. On Stone Street, we had to move out- side, around the first arrow, to create a good line to the pocket, but the angle gave us a good shot. When the pattern broke down, we struck for quite a while. We were able to get lined up on the USBC Doubles/Singles pattern because of the ball’s smooth, predictable back-end motion. We played the Intrigue about three to four boards right of the Exile. When the Intellect would start up too soon, we could continue to play a similar line with the Intrigue and be more

“The Exile was about three more boards of hook and read the midlane stronger than the Intrigue.”

than seven boards right of where we were forced to move with the Intellect. On the lighter house pattern, we could move in around the 17-board and create area out to the track with a break point around the 45- to 46-ft. mark. The Intrigue maintained its hitting power and didn’t seem to burn up. This versatile ball will fit into many bowlers’ bags, especially those needing help getting the ball to the break point on hook- ing lanes or even burnt-up wood lanes. Higher rev players will love the length of this ball with its strong, predictable back-end motion.

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