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50 Hook 16 Length 17.5 Breakpoint Shape BRUNSWICK: MELEE JAB

Manufacturer’s Intent: “With its chemically designed surface texture, the Melee Jab will provide the most traction in oil for a pearl coverstock on a variety of lane patterns, from medium to oily,” says Brunswick’s Billy Orlikowski.

Core: The Melee Low RG symmetrical core has an RG of 2.487 and a differential of .050. We saw 4 inches of flare. This is the same core used in the Melee Cross (July 2014) that Sean Rash used to shoot 300 on TV in this year’s PBA Summer Series.

Coverstock: The sharp-looking deep bruise-pur- ple Savvy Hook pearl coverstock is sanded with 500 Siaair and then finished with Royal Compound. The RA measures 1.53 and the effec- tive surface grit is 5200.

Overview: This is one of the most angular bowling balls I have seen from Brunswick to date. It made our former Brunswick tour staffer, Terrance Reeves, go, “Wow.” On Stone Street, we had to play more up the track area until it opened up, after which we were able to move in and give it more room. For a pearlized bowling ball, it wasn’t overly affected by the lon- ger house pattern, as we had a good shot around the track area. Both Terrance and I saw about two to three more boards of backend from the Jab than from the Fortera Intrigue (reviewed on pg. 52). It was obviously cleaner through the fronts. The Jab rolled exceptionally well on our lighter house pattern, because we could get in and really open the lane up with easy length and a good amount of area

to the pocket. It stored its energy well and maintained a strong, angular motion through the pins with good carry. It com- plemented the Melee Cross nicely because the Cross was a little too much out of the box on the lighter house pattern. On the USBC Doubles/Singles pattern, we could play a little more direct, between 10 and 15, while keeping the breakpoint around the 8-board, where it played really nice- ly with some room to the right and hold area on the left. The Jab would be my No. 2 or 3 ball out of the bag for a tournament arsenal. It is about four to five boards less than the Melee Cross on the Stone Street pattern, and makes your move easy off the Cross. I see players with lower ball speeds who need that kick on the backend loving this ball.

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