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Around Campus

news Starting out at EMU, Lyke has set

out three primary goals: • First, she says, the emphasis has to be on serving the athletes—there are 553 this year. Surround them with the best coaches and teachers possible, and pro- vide them an excellent opportunity to earn their degrees.

• Second, make sure the coaches have the resources to be successful and look for creative ways to advance their pro- grams. T at means raising money by having good teams that draw fans who buy tickets, and by running a quality program that draws the fi nancial sup- port of alums and other donors. “We need to think like a revenue-producing entity. T at has not happened here,” Lyke says. Is she worried about the culture shock of coming from a huge, well-oiled ma-

chine like Ohio State? “Finance is an issue no mat er where you are. It’s a lot about raising money no mat er where you are,” she says. “T ere are budget controls in place at a place like Ohio State. T e fi scal responsibility and plan- ning process is what I’m bringing here. We have to have fi scal accountability and responsibility in planning, and a vision. T at has to be implemented in great detail, just as it is in a place like Ohio State.”

• T e third goal is to create what Lyke calls “an environment of comprehensive excellence.” T at means not only high expectations for student-athletes, but also for the athletic department staff and the entire EMU community. At her introductory news conference,

she suggested that the university’s initials could also be an acronym for “Everyone Must Unite.” A united eff ort between the

athletic department and the rest of campus is crucial and requires constant communi- cation, she says. “We operate within a much bigger umbrella, which is the University,” Lyke said. “So we have to be integrated into the University. We have to collaborate, we have to communicate openly and really help them understand the challenges and the opportunities we all have. You’ve got to be very much integrated into the University and working together for it to be successful.” Lyke’s athletic prowess—she was a leſt y

fi rst baseman at U-M—runs in the family. She was raised in Canton, Ohio, by parents who played college sports. Her father, Jerry, played football at Bowling Green State University, and her mother, Marilyn, played fi eld hockey at Ot erbein College (now Ot- terbein University) near Columbus, Ohio. Lyke’s brother, Trevor, played football initially at West Point, then at Wit enberg University in Springfi eld, Ohio.

About Eastern Michigan University Athletics:

Eastern Michigan University has been a member of the Mid-

American Conference since

and has been among the league’s most successful members

1971 * 8 Eastern | FALL 2013 *Photographs by Randy Mascharka EMU’s v The Division I program boasts

120 42

MAC team

championships over the past


intercolle program f

diff eren men’s tea **

21 9

s va m f

women’s **Photographs by Anmmar Alnimar 12

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