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alumni In Memoriam

Class Notes

John P. Keusch (BS27) Chelsea, June 9

Madeleine (Boilore) Keusch (BS31) Chelsea, Jan. 27

Beth (White) Griner (BS32) Interlochen, May 25 Eileen (Bitzer) Trott (BA36) Ann Arbor, April 12 James J. Balten Jr. (BS39) Sterling, April 25

Where Can Your Degree Lead? Done right, giving won’t monopolize your time

Alice (Medendorp) Braham (MA62) Cheboygan, May 28

Russell D. Smith (BS62) Litchfield, June 1 Larry Flood (BS63) Auburn, Calif., July 3 Ruth A. Munger (MA63) Ypsilanti, May 11 Gary R. Hentz (BS63, MA65) Ann Arbor, June 4

Doris (Woodruff) Neighbors (BA41) Harrisburg, Pa., June 1

Rita (Pepin) Shannon (BS48) Port Orange, Fla., April 23

Mary (DeChantal) Ouellette (BS48) Midland, April 9

Margaret (Pollard) Tuttle (BA49) Findlay, Ohio, June 6

Barbara (Warner) Weiss (BA50, MA69) Ypsilanti, June 21

Nancy (Wiggin) DuBois (BS50) Traverse City, Dec. 23

Ferris E. Clouse (BS51) Missoula, Mo., July 5

Julia (Warth) Van Winkle (BS54) Brooklyn, June 10

Muriel M. VanPatten (BS54, MA68) Port Charlotte, Fla., May 28

Jacob Grigorian (BS56, MA59, SPA68) Mooresville, N.C., Aug. 30

Helen M. Eldred (BS57) Rochester, July 3

Carolyn C. Roberson (BS57, MA60) Bloomfield Hills, June 1

Florence (Hulett) Walker (MA57) Duluth, Minn., Aug. 7

Don B. Springman (MA58) Bluefield, W.Va., Aug. 28

Marilyn M. Gmelin (BS59, MA68) Milford, July 3

Ruth A. Sisung (BS59, MA66) Sterling Heights, Aug. 19

Joseph G. Graf (BS60) Whitmore Lake, July 2 Robert J. Brown (BS60) Hastings, June 26

Alice (Saven) Crippen (BS60) Spokane, Wash., April 17

Dorothy (Tank) Decker (BS61) Jackson, July 18

Kathryn (Morahan) Murphy (BS61, MA71) Dearborn, May 13

Ronald P. Lasecki (BS62) Rochester, Ind., July 9

Robert L. Mabrey (BS64, MA67) Cookeville, Tenn., Aug. 20

Anne (Arnold) Kinney (BS64) Dewitt, June 19 Leonard K. Kitchen (BS64) Howell, July 1 Thomas C. Basso (BS65) Ann Arbor, June 24

Martin A. Belsky (MA66) Fort Lauderdale, Fla., May 27

Marjorie (Webb) Richardson (MA66) Traverse City, July 1

Edward E. Brown III (MA66) Leesburg, Fla., June 26

Vivian (Summers) Peace (MA66) Montclair, N.J., Aug. 18

Donald D. Watson (MA66, SPA72) Barryton, June 9

Robert L. Hill (MS67) Armada, July 19 Ronald J. Peltier (MA68) Menominee, Aug. 29 Charles W. Sullivan (BA69) Austin, Texas, June 24 Thomas J. Boyne (BBA69) Escanaba, July 30

Vincent W. Peltier (BA69, MA70) Ann Arbor, May 22

Mary J. Quade (BA69) Winchester, Tenn., July 20

Alice (Beecher) Gottsleben (MA70) Bad Axe, July 30

Claire (Phillips) Alley (BS70, MA80) Jerome, June 21

Charles L. Carberry (MA70) Carson City, May 26 Carol (Kehoe) Negri (BS70) Flint, Aug. 25 Robert B. Borcherdt (MA71) Toledo, Ohio, July 12 Thomas A. Collins (BS72) Portage, July 17 James P. Reed (BS73) Dayton, Ohio, May 2 Charles H. Koop (BA73) Williamsburg, Aug. 6

Margaret (Barson) Frank (MA73) Tucson, Ariz., May 29

Laura (Beck) Lewis (BS74) Battle Creek, May 29

Jane (Thompson) Gruber (MA74) Monroe, Aug. 2 Donna (Glover) Sokoly (BS74) Troy, Aug. 1 Terrance Feret (BBA75) Milan, May 1 Susan (McKinney) Steel (BFA75) Chelsea, June 7 Michael F. Gelaude (BS75) Fenton, July 27 Jesse J. Hale (MA75) Canton, May 31 Edward J. Roecker (MA76) Monroe, July 1 Kathleen L. Hoskins (BA76) Phoenix, Ariz., July 2 Douglas J. Brownrigg (SPA76) Cass City, May 31 John W. Little (MBA76) West Chester, Pa., Aug. 12 Mark G. Walker (BS77) Winona, Minn., June 8 David E. Rowe (BBA77) Manitou Beach, May 26

By Leah Shutes

Kathleen (Muehlig) Cramer (BBA81) Ypsilanti, July 9

Lena (Sturgill) Ricks (BS91, MSW94) Dearborn, Aug. 14

Helene (Miller) Weddington (BS95) Ypsilanti, Aug. 11

Rex K. Johnson (BS98) Anchorage, Alaska, May 5 Michael L. Caulk (SEPU03) Saline, June 12 Steven T. Snyder (BS04) Chelsea, July 4 Kathleen A. Ritzert (BS10) Ann Arbor, June 20

Faculty and Staff Memoriam

Arthur E. Ellis (MA70) began his career at EMU in 1968 as executive director of governmental relations and university budget. He also was secretary to the EMU Board of Regents. He left EMU in 1970 to become president of Central Michigan University. Mount Pleasant, June 14

Sidney Gendin, professor of philosophy for 35 years. Ann Arbor, Aug. 21

James B. Hause served as department head of the music department for 23 years. Jim also established the musical therapy curriculum at EMU. Ypsilanti, June 5

Paula (Thompson) Misselhorn worked in the Admissions Office and retired after 28 years of service. Ypsilanti, Aug. 5

Patricia (Wicks) McCreery started at the university library in 1970 and retired from EMU in 1990. Ann Arbor, July 6.

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