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Eco-friendly clothing T e EMU Student Center bookstore is the place to go if you’re looking to pick up a few eco-friendly items—from crew- necks with tags that read, “Champion Eco Fleece–Future Friendly” to recycled commencement gowns. T at’s right. EMU’s commencement gowns are made from recycled plastic bot les—23 each to be exact. T at means that for every 1,000 students who walk in Oak Hall’s Green- Weaver regalia, 23,000 plastic bot les are diverted from landfi lls. Pret y neat, huh?

Cut back on energy EMU partnered with Chevron Energy Solutions, a recognized leader in innova- tive, clean energy development, to com- plete several energy-saving projects last year, including replacing 727 windows in Brown and Munson residential halls with new insulated and energy-effi cient windows, as well as installing a new boiler plant in Dining Commons III to replace a failing steam feed from the heating plant. As a result, EMU saves more than $230,000 in utility energy costs per year.

eBooks are the new way to go Move over, textbooks. eBooks are on the rise due to their many benefi ts: portabil- ity, cheaper prices and the fact that they also save trees. What’s not to love? Most bookstores off er hundreds of eBook options for students who are looking to jump on board with the whole “save the environment” trend.

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Ditch the pen and paper Who needs them when you’ve got access to some of the newest and coolest note-taking apps out there? Many students actually prefer taking notes using their phones, iPads/

tablets, laptops or tape recorders because they can focus on a lecture without having to worry

about jot ing down every last word. And the best part of all? It’s paperless.


Improve energy effi ciency EMU participates in the Energy Star challenge, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. T e goal is to improve the energy effi ciency of EMU’s facilities and buildings by 10 percent or more.

We off er green academic training Yes, you read that correctly. Students who are interested in pursuing careers in sus- tainability can sign up for classes such as GEOG 150 (sustainable development) or CNST 440 (LEED new construc- tion applications). Also, faculty can at end seminars on teaching strategies for integrating concepts of sus- tainability into their courses. Doesn’t this sound like a great way to incorporate green living into your every- day life? We think so! 3

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