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 Industry News UK charities appeal for cleaning essentials

In Kind Direct is calling for donations of: toilet rolls, tissues, washing-up liquid, laundry detergent, surface and floor cleaner, sponges and brushes, polish, kitchen roll, mops and fact, any cleaning supplies.

In a world of new gadgets and gizmos we sometimes take everyday essential items for granted. In Kind Di- rect’s ‘Charity Household Es- sentials’ summer campaign is celebrating the everyday products that keep UK chari- ties running, from cleaning supplies and toilet tissue to washing-up liquid and dish- cloths. In Kind Direct, one of The

Prince’s Charities, distrib- utes stock to UK charities to help them run their services and improve the lives of the vulnerable people they sup- port. This summer, In Kind Direct is running a campaign to boost stock donations from the household consum- ables industry in response to increasing demand for its

service from small, strug- gling UK charities. P&G, McBride, Asda, Kim-

berly-Clark, Pluswipes and Harrison Wipes are among companies pledging support so far. As part of the campaign, In

Kind Direct has launched a social media competition asking charities ‘What household essential your charity couldn’t live without’. Competition entries have al- ready shown the critical part products such as cleaning supplies, tissues and toilet roll play in the running of local charities. Research by the Charities

Aid Foundation earlier this year warned that as many as one in six charities believes it may close because of finan-

cial pressures. By donating essential items, companies can make a real difference to reducing charities’ costs. This in turn helps them do more for the vulnerable peo- ple they support. In Kind Direct is calling for

donations of the following from the household goods industry: toilet rolls, tissues, washing-up liquid, laundry detergent, surface cleaner, floor cleaner, sponges and brushes, polish, kitchen roll, dishwasher detergent, mops

and squeegees, cleaning cloths, disposable cleaning wipes, bin bags/refuse sacks, and air fresheners. Could your company do-

nate essential household products for UK charities? To donate stock to In Kind Di- rect please call 020 7398 5510 or email:

Miele Professional launches WetCare Training Centre

Miele Professional has announced the launch of a new WetCare Training Centre in partnership with finishing equipment suppliers Renzacci UK Plc and detergent manufacturer Kreussler. The centre in Feltham, London has been designed to train dealers and customers on how the WetCare system works and to demonstrate the system with full test washes. The WetCare system uses Miele Professional washers and dryers to safely clean all articles

of clothing that are normally dry cleaned, by using water and a safe biodegradable detergent mixture to clean. The development meets the needs of dry cleaners who are increasingly look- ing to diversify their offering by laundering everyday items such as duvets and shirts as well as the items typically sent for dry cleaning, thereby increasing profits. Miele’s WetCare system is also beneficial for the environment. The washing cycle uses 30%

less water than conventional machines and can clean at as little as 20˚c, reducing energy consumption by 50%. The machines are easy to run - they do not require a solvent license, and can be left to run without the need for constant monitoring. The chemical dosing required for each cycle is automatically programmed; the machine controls the pump and chemicals are automatically adjusted depending on the cycle. Rob Dixon, national sales manager for Miele Professional, said: “We are confident that dry

cleaners who try the Miele Professional WetCare system will not look back. With WetCare’s potential to not only reduce energy costs and the use of solvents, but also increase the range of items that can be cleaned in house, we believe that more and more dry cleaners will be switching to WetCare once they see what it can do.” Miele Professional WetCare is supported by five official partners who all attended the launch

and saw the results for themselves with items they brought to test the WetCare system: Good- man Sparks; Solent Laundry Solutions; Allsop & Francis; Wilson Electrics; and GW Commer- cial Equipment (Romford).

Simple set-up … ready to use in minutes !

The Sky Pro “Mini” is portable and ideal for cleaning windows on mid-height buildings of 12 stories or less. A two-person operation can safely, quickly and profitably clean not only windows, but an entire building. It is much safer and easier to use than manual win- dow cleaning equipment. The Sky Pro Mini weighs just over 100 lbs and is made lightweight aluminum so it will not rust or corrode. It folds down for easy transport and fits into the back of a pickup truck. It has removable transport wheels for easy and fast maneuvering.

Features 40” self-cleaning quick change brush – gentle to all surfaces Battery powered with special Lithium-lon battery (each battery approximately 8-hours of use) Quick charger fully re-charges battery in 2-hours. 12v wireless remote to start and stop the brush Emergency stop button Uses less than ½ gallon of DI/RO water per minute. Cleans spot free without chemicals Will pay for itself in less than a year Cleans at a variable speed 10 to 50 linear feet per minute or 150 square feet per minute Built in stabilizers (gust bar) with foam balls so it won’t damage building Benefits Save lives and prevent injuries Reduce labour by 70-80% Transport easily from building to building Can be customized to meet your building and business needs

4 l C&M l SEPTEMBER 2013 l

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