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 PressureWashers& Graffiti Removal Getting to gripswith graffiti

Taski Sprint Spitfire fromSealed Air’s Di- versey business is a powerful ready-to-use heavy duty cleaner that is ideal for remov- ing graffiti and other stains frommost al- kaline resistant hard surfaces. Its powerful formulation is based on amix of detergents and solvents that quickly and efficiently re- movesmineral and vegetable oils. It is also particularly efficient for removing stains such as ink,marker, pencil, lipstick, black heelmarks, smoke films, greasy food and other tenaciousmarks. For light soiling Taski Sprint Spitfire is

sprayed onto a cloth or sponge and applied to the stained surface. It can be left for a short while and agitated if required before the affected area is simply wiped clean. For tougher stains the product is sprayed di- rectly onto the stained area, scrubbed to speed up the cleaning process and allowed to act before wiping clean. Taski Sprint Spitfire is supplied ready to

use in 750ml spray bottles. It is easy to apply, does not require rinsing except on stainless steel surfaces, and dries quickly without leaving streaks or traces. The for- mulation is freshly fragranced to create a pleasant odour whichmeans it is suitable for public areas and enclosed spaces. When graffiti is present on sensitive sur-

faces the TaskiWipeout Sponge fromDi- versey offers a chemical free cleaning option. This innovative spot cleaning pad removes stains fromsurfaces using water alone. The specially designed white poly- meric foamcleaning pad is soft, gentle and flexible whichmeans it can be used on many surfaces safely without the risk of scouring or scratching. TaskiWipeout Sponge is especially suit-

able for cleaning surfaces such as plastics and ceramics where strong chemicals, abrasivematerials or scouring powders could cause damage. Potential applications include removal ofminor graffiti on buses and trains, clearing accidental permanent marker fromwhiteboards, and cleaning stubborn spots fromceramic cooker hobs. No sprays or cleaners are necessary be- cause the pad is simply rinsed under a tap,

Despite the avail- ability of products to dealwith graffiti and other annoying stains it always pays to prevent these becoming a problemin the first place.

squeezed to remove excessmoisture and then rubbed gently over themark to re- move the stain quickly and easily. Rinsing with clean water regenerates the pad which can be used again and again until the white foamhas worn away. It can then be dis- posed of safely. Sprint Spitfire and TaskiWipeout sponge

are also available as part of the new ‘prob- lemsolver’ pack which provides users with all the products they need to deal with com- mon and everyday cleaning tasks to improve the appearance of business’s premises. The promotional pack also includes: Sani Mouldout, the innovative alkaline formula- tion that removesmould,mildew and fun- gus fromceramic and tiled areas in washrooms, bathrooms and leisure facili- ties; Good Sense Fresh, with patented ONT Odour Neutralising Technology to eliminate odours fromhard surfaces and fabrics; En-

hance Spot & Stain Remover, a quick and easy way to remove stains and refresh car- pets; Enhance Anti Gum, a chewing gum remover for hard washable surfaces and carpets; and JMWindow Cloth Blue, a uniquemicrofibre cloth that when used damp leaves windows,mirrors and glass smear-free and sparkling. Despite the availability of products to deal

with graffiti and other annoying stains it al- ways pays to prevent these becoming a problemin the first place. Diversey offers a wide range of finishes and sealers for floors that help prevent paint and other stain-causing chemicals fromentering porous surfaces. This helps to reduce the impact of spots and stains and ultimately makes themeasier to remove. The busi- ness can provide advice on the best prod- ucts to protect each type of surface.

Event celebrates 30 successful years

Powerwasher Services, based in Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary. The company is a pressure washer and floorcare distributor, and is aMAC Internationalmaster dealer. The event took place at Powerwasher Services premises with a barbecue and evening entertainment. The day

was supported by the local community andmany Powerwasher Services customers. Powerwasher Services supplies the oil and gas industries in Aberdeen, with countless customers involved in

the support process. It also looks after the agricultural sector, and all areas of business throughout Aberdeen, Angus and Fife. Founder, JackWhitecross, said: “The day was designed to thank

all of our customers and friends who have supported our business over the last 30 years.We are very lucky to have such a fantastic community to live and work in. Our business has grown over the last few years thanks to a huge teameffort, good equipment and a great customer base - we are very grateful.” Powerwasher Services has been working withMAC International

for over 10 years. Simon Ruck,managing director ofMAC Interna- tional, said: “Powerwasher Services is quite simply one of the UK’s premier pressure washer distributors.We have an extremely close relationship with Jack, Jimand Liz and it is fair to say that Power- washer Services has firmly establishedMAC as a premier pressure washer brand in Scotland.We are very proud to support Power- washer Services and we congratulate the company on this anniver- sary.”

The Powerwasher Services team(L to R): Liz Carnie, finance director, Jack Whitecross, founder, Simon Ruck, managing director ofMAC International, and JimWhitecross,managing director.

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