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 NewProducts Long-lasting germ-protection system

Microbe Secure has launched a long-lasting germprotection systemthat enables cleaning companies to check protection is at an optimal level at any given time. Microbe Secure works by

transforming normal sur- faces into antimicrobial sur- faces, neutralising infection-bearing germs long after application. Test results show that the disinfectant’s antimicrobial properties last up to 30 days post applica- tion, for as long as the sur- face protection remains intact. The systemis completed

with a patent-pending tech- nology that verifies the treat- ment has taken place and is still working. An indicator strip called the veristrip is applied to the surface. This changes colour, providing a reading of the current level of protection and represent- ing a key technology shift in the infection-control sector. Healthcare-associated in-

fections cost $80 billion a year globally [1], with 7%of hospitalised patients acquir-

ing at least one healthcare- associated infection [2]. And annual influenza epidemics worldwide result in about three to fivemillion cases of severe illness, and 250,000 to 500,000 deaths [3]. Signifi- cant challenges arise from high levels of cross-contami- nation and the fact that germs on surfaces can re- main viable for days, even weeks. TheMicrobe Secure sys-

temoffers benefits for clean- ing companies, enabling themto confirmwith confi- dence they are providing an effective germ-protection so- lution, while also bringing cost savings for themand clients as a result of elimi- nating unnecessary treat- ments. Cost saving is alsomade

possible by the efficacy of the product across a broad spec- trumof antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses. Accord- ing to the company,Microbe Secure effectively neu- tralisesMRSA, VRE, Acineto- bacter, Norovirus and the influenza virus, to name just a few,meaning that cleaning

professionals can offer com- prehensive protection with just one product. Avoiding superfluous ap-

plications and eliminating the use ofmany different chemicals help to protect the environment, with additional environmental benefits also arising froma product that is non-toxic and contains no heavymetals. Performance of the disin-

fectant and the verification systemhas been verified by independent test laboratories. Microbe Secure is a UK-

based pharma development company, with a primary focus on infection prevention and control solutions.

[1] European Commission. Public consultation on strategies for improving pa- tient safety by prevention and control of healthcare associ- ated infections, 2005. [2]World Health Organiza- tion. Healthcare associated infections: factsheet. [3]World Health Organiza- tion. Influenza (Seasonal): factsheet.

Swiftclean launches newwebsite

Swiftclean has launched a new and improved website at aging director, Gary Nicholls, said: “Our new website of- fers helpful information about operator responsibility as well as detailing our own expert services. Themany regulations canmake com- pliance a real challenge and Swiftclean nowmakes clear, helpful information available online, as well as through our fully trained, profes- sional staff.” The new websitemakes it

easy for visitors to navigate directly to the specialist field that they are interested in, making Swiftclean’s 30 years’ plus experience even more accessible. The web- site ismobile enabledmean- ing that it automatically sizes

of legionella control, grease management and ductwork cleaning. The company pro- motes 'The science of com- pliance’ to assist customers tomaintain the highest stan- dards of riskmanagement though carefully docu- mented, effectivemainte- nance. Nicholls continued:

Gary Nicholls, managing director of Swiftclean.

to themobile devise being used, whichmakes it easier for FMs on themove to ac- cess compliance advice. The range of specialist

services offered by Swift- clean deals with all aspects

FM: playing a key role in protecting hotel revenues

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[1] The British Hospitality Association Trends & Developments Report 2012 - [2] PwC - cast/overview-november-2013.jhtml. [3]MarketMetrix - guest-value-without-cutting-rates/. [4] Procter & Gamble Professional -

32 l C&M l SEPTEMBER 2013 l

“Proper records, high stan- dards ofmaintenance and regular professional cleaning willminimise the risk to businesses, properties and, most importantly, human life.We hope that our web- site will help people without our specialist knowledge to understandmore clearly their responsibilities and how our expert services can assist inmeeting them.”

Opening the door to improved hygiene

An innovative hygienic door handle which is proven to kill 99.99%of germs has been launched by PHSWash- rooms to help combat a rise in spreadable infections and viruses. Norovirus cases in the UK

surged to a five year high in 2012 and the winter vomiting virus was responsible for closing hundreds of hospital wards.MRSA also continues to pose a serious threat to public health and places a strain on healthcare serv- ices. Recent reports show a

total of 131million days were lost because of sickness ab- sence in 2011* and the 2012 Chartered Institute of Per- sonnel and Development (CIPD) survey reports the av- erage cost of sickness ab- sence per employee is £600. This represents an average yearly loss of 6.8 days for each employee. PHSWashrooms is aiding

the fight back with Sterihan- dle, a revolutionary door handle which reduces the spread of infectious dis- eases. SteriHandle is coated with the antibacterial tech- nology of SteriTouch which harnesses the natural steril- ising properties of silver. spring-clean-standard-of-cleanliness-all-year-round-from- hospitality-operators-203540041.html. [5] spring-clean-standard-of-cleanliness-all-year-round-from- hospitality-operators-203540041.html. [5] Sheraton Hotels & Resorts survey conducted by Studylogic published in aton-survey-reveals-importance-social-media-9613. [6] World Travel Market, November 2010 reported by Tnooz via [7] LateRooms November 2012 via tation-research-statistics-2767. [8] Convergys Corp via search-statistics-2767.

Available in both push and pull options, SteriHandle is permanently fixed to the door and incorporates a re- placeable component serv- iced every sixmonths. In independent trials,

SteriHandle achieved an im- pressive 99.99%reduction of MRSA and E.coli within 10 minutes, reducing the num- ber of organisms typically found on a door handle from over 140,000 to less than 10 in the same time period. Keri Reynolds,marketing

manager at PHSWash- rooms, said: “Up to onemil- lion people a year are thought to catch the debili- tating norovirus bug which, along withmany other viruses and bacteria, can be spread by touching infected door handles. SteriHandle maintains a safer, cleaner andmore hygienic surface and the antimicrobial coating kills bacteria quickly at the point of transmission, reduc- ing the risk of illness. Door handles are a risk area, pro- viding a habitat for a high amount of pathogenic germs, such asMRSA, E.coli and salmonella which not only cause sickness but can be potentially lethal, espe- cially for vulnerable people in hospitals and care homes. The introduction of SteriHan- dle will reduce cross con- tamination, not just within washrooms but throughout a whole building, improving hy- giene for staff and visitors.” SteriHandle can be used

as part of a hand hygiene management approach for all environments, including schools, offices, shopping centres, leisure centres and public health and care facili- ties.

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