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 British Cleaning Council Is your business future proof?

able parts of the economy.We have been able to adapt and negotiate ourway around the economic downturn better thanmany, but no industry is immune to the effects of change. Newtechnology is enabling

By Doug Cooke, chairman, British Cleaning Council.

Is it justme or is this year fly- ing past at lighting speed? We’re nearly at the end of summerwhich, for the British Cleaning Council, signals get- ting ready for our annual con- ference. I’mdelighted to announce that this year’s themewill centre around ‘Fu- ture proofing the cleaning in- dustry’. Our sector is one of themost flexible and adapt-

newentrants to themarket and could transformtheway we do business immeasur- ably. Companies are becom- ing larger and larger through expansion intomultiple areas of outsourced service provi- sion - often leading to a dis- connect between management and the end user. Though there are signs that thingsmay be on the up, whatwe had hoped to have been a short recession turned into one of the longest periods of stagnant growth that even themost longstand- ing cleaning industry figures have ever experienced. On top of thiswe are often

in a positionwhere contracts are decided overwhelmingly

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on price. There ismuch to do as an industry to push issues such as the livingwage, day- time cleaning and environ- mental sustainability so that we are in a position to im- prove training, staff retention and our environmental im- pact. Socialmedia communi- cation is creating amore transparent sector alongside this -meaning thatwe have to

act fast to be able to articulate our position of support to gov- ernment,media and the end users of our services. I amconfident that the

British Cleaning Council Con- ference 2013will provide at- tendeeswith newskills to take back to their businesses, newideas and inspiration, and a viewofwhat could be coming up to catch the indus-

try out in the future. On top of themain conference,we’ll also be holdingwine tasting and networking events. I strongly advise that you buy your ticket early, and look for- ward to seeing you there. TheBCC AnnualConference takes place atLondon’s CentrePointConference Centre on28November 2013.

The Cleaning Show2015: London calling

As I imagine you’ve heard, the British Cleaning Council hasmade the decision - alongside our partner company Quartz BusinessMedia - tomove The Cleaning Show to London’s ExCel Ex- hibition Centre for 2015. As I’msure you’re equally aware, news travels fast in this industry, not least because we are a close knit community. This was not a decision wemade lightly. The Cleaning Show is a crucial event for the industry, as all profits are ploughed back into projects that benefit and support us, so every commercial decision has to ensure that we have our sec- tor at the front of ourminds. Themove to London will come as welcome news to those who have supported us at our pre-

vious location, to new exhibitors, and to those who have left the show over the last few years due to a perception that it didn’t have enough to offer. The UK cleaning industry is a diverse place, and wemust reflect that in an event that delivers to domestic cleaning, SMEs, suppli- ers, large outsourcing companies, and global propertymanagers alike. The ExCel gives us the opportunity to deliver something for everyone. Formore info please contact VanessaMartinet on: 01737 855041 or

For further information on the British Cleaning Council and details of itsmembers contact: The General Secretary, BCC Ltd, 478-480 Salisbury House, LondonWall, London EC2M5QQ, UK T: 020 7920 9640 E: W:


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