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KM90/60R Adv: enhanced sweeping power and performance

Kärcher has announced a facelift to its popular compact ride-on sweeper, the KM 90/60 R. The new KM90/60 R Advmodel features several upgrades to further in- crease convenience, performance and serviceability. Themost noticeable differ- ence on the outside is the new cover that allows cleaning tools likemops, brooms and litter pickers to be carried on board, but it is under the skin wheremost of the improvements lie. The petrol version now features a Sub-

aru Robin engine with 9hp (up from 6.6hp), an automatic choke, and run time of up to six hours on a single tank. All models fea- ture Kärcher’s automatic filter cleaning system, Tact, which enables a small, flat- pleated filter to be used instead of the usual large cylindrical filter. This makes servicing easier and improves dust control even further. Kärcher’s professional productmanager,

Jeff Hilton, said: “The original 90/60 was launched in 2008 andmarked a step- change in our compact ride-on sweepers range. Since then we’ve listened carefully to customer feedback around the world and are confident that the Adv version will fully address these customer requirements. The Advmodel also shows how we can incorpo- rate crossover technology into ourma- chines. The Tact automatic filter clean systemis a Kärcher development that we first used on our vacuumcleaners. This is the first sweeper in the world to include such a system. And with petrol, LPG and battery power options, we have the right machine for any application.”

All-in-one effective cleaning solution

The XR Scrubber Sweeper fromFactoryCat is designed for cleaning paved pedestrian areas in and around public buildings and in city centres. Factory Cat XR Rider Scrubbermachines have a powerful drivemotor that can climb steep ramps and come standard with heavy duty tyres. Features of the drive systeminclude an automatic parking brake and the ability to reduce transport speed while scrubbing or reversing tomaintain the life of the squeegee. The XR has large cylindrical brushes, powered by industrialmotors, that can sweep and scrub in a single pass, with side brooms to sweep into the edges. The optional trailer-mounted cold water pressure

washer - powered by a Honda petrol engine - can be easily attached to the XR, using the 270ltr water tank as a bowser. The XRT pressure washer will run for over 20minutes on a tank full, allowing the operator to undertake small pressure washing tasks without running hose pipes and power leads. The XR can then be used to collect any excess

water generated, either through the standard squeegee or a factory fitted wander hose. For a free demonstration call 01794 521443 or visit

KärcherAcademyCleaning Tips Whywinterweather shouldn’t be feared

Although even a relatively light falling of snow can present serious problems for UK businesses, investment in new equipment is often hard to justify - especially when its usemay be limited to a couple of weeks per year. Dedicated snowmoving equip- ment to clear pathways, car parks and loading areas can pose investment and storage problems formost of the year de- spite being invaluable to businesses when snow does fall. But by choosing your equipment carefully and planning for the future, there is no need to be caught out by harsh winter weather. This is where amachine like Kärcher’s

MC 50 comes into its own, thanks to its all-season functionality.With its compact, articulated chassis with all-round visibility, themachine is extremely easy tomanoeu- vre and operate, and is a highly efficient and productive compact sweeper. Thema- chine’s parallelogram-guided brush sys- temprovides constantly high sweeping results even with worn brushes, and the automatic bulk waste flap opens to collect larger pieces of litter. TheMC 50 also fea- tures a removable, straight suction tube,

28 l C&M l SEPTEMBER 2013 l

mower and wintermaintenance vehicle, theMC 50 performs all of these tasks without compromise.When bad weather hits, within a couple ofminutes and with- out tools theMC 50’s sweeping deck and hopper can be removed and replaced with a grit spreader and plough or cylindrical snow brush. As well as its year-round use for sweeping and winter use for snow moving, theMC 50 can also be fitted with grass cutting attachments - again, in just a fewminutes and without tools. This level of versatilitymakes theMC 50 ideal for any larger business premises where safety and high levels of presentation are required. Intuitive to operate, highly cost efficient

Kärcher’sMC 50 offers all-season functionality.

minimising blockages andmakingmainte- nance very quick and simple.With a full glass cabin, articulated steering, and a width of only 110cmtheMC 50 provides in- crediblemanoeuvrability and tracks cor- ners very accurately. Designed as amulti-purpose sweeper,

and with incredible versatility, theMC 50 pays for itself in every season. And with tailored finance packages and service contracts, investment costs can be spread. For further information on how theMC

50 canmake a difference to your business, and to see a video of themachine in ac- tion, visit, or call 01295 752142.

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