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Healthyworkplace, happy business

Carl Robinson, marketing manager for Nviro, offers up some facts and professional solutions on the subject on office hygiene, and how a good cleaning regime can drive staff productivity and business growth.

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To drive growth and revenue, businesses will always look to reinvent themselves with newmarketing campaigns, promotional events and a plethora of other development techniques theymay have at their disposal. However,many pass up on the opportunity to look in on themselves to see how they may actually be losing revenue because of issues around staff sickness, unmotivated workforces and an environment that fails to provide the conditions for a productive working day. We have all suffered fromthe same old

scenario when you sit down at your desk ready for a full day’s work. As you try to re- cover your keyboard fromthe swell of paper andmess, you find yourself trapped. You attempt to prise your arms fromthe grip of yesterday’s spilt coffee, which proves to be a surprisingly sticky substance once left overnight. Now, imagine a similar state of affairs on a wider scale, with clutter filled communal areas,messy kitchens and dirty washrooms, and you have an environment that is both hard to work in and very dan- gerous for the wellbeing of staff. Thismay be an exaggerated picture of a

worst case scenario, but themessage it holds is very clear. A study conducted by a Sydney-based cleaning company earlier this year cemented the findings of research that has been going on formany years. Sta- tistics gathered over the last 10 to 15 years revealed that business productivity and profitmargins increase significantly when the workspace is clean and comfortable. This report holds the evidence that proves that investing in cleaningmay offer the fastest route tomaking external gains. What the nuts and bolts of this research

prove is not exactly groundbreaking to both businesses and cleaning contractors, but the study’s longevity givesmore credibility to earlier research. It supports prior evi- dence that there is a real need for compa- nies to placemore precedence on cleaning and hygiene. To not just drive their own growth, but to provide environments that place staff wellbeing at the top of their agendas.

Staff hygiene and absenteeism Staff absenteeismcosts British busi-

nesses an estimated £32 billion each year, with 131million work days lost due to sick- ness absence. It’s important to remember that all employees aren’t angels, and the odd few toomany on a Sunday eveningmay leave themunable to attend work the next day. However, with seasonal infections such as flu, colds and ‘bugs’ on the rise each year, companies need an action plan to guard against the spread of illnesses, which can force employees to be absent for extended periods of time. Themain culprit for the spread of viruses

and infections is the washroom, so it’s im- portant that the right chemicals are used. And that they are put into effect in all areas of the bathroom. Every surface, fromtoilets to the urinals,mirrors, wash basins, and hand towel cabinets needs to be disinfec- ted. And to finish, the whole area should be mopped clean. Not one surface should be left to stand as the harbourer of the germs that will cause the spread of any nasty bugs.

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