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NewProducts One pass cleaning and waste collection

New from Rubbermaid Com- mercial Products (RCP) is the Brute Deluxe Rim Caddy Bundle which brings lean cleaning productivity and labour cost optimisation ben- efits to many building service contractors and particularly those working in office build- ings and retail locations. The bundle comprises of a

tough, 167 litre capacity Rub- bermaid Brute grey con- tainer mounted on a quiet dolly. A Deluxe Rim Caddy is secured on to the top lip of the Brute to offer capacious yet organised storage of cleaning supplies. The time- saving advantage for the cleaning operative is that with this product bundle, they can now pick up waste and clean in one pass. This compares favourably to the

The latest advanced course to be added to the Prochem Europe training programme is likely to prove the ideal solution for carpet and up- holstery cleaners wanting to learn more about stains. An intensive day-long in-

vestigation into their na- ture, origin and how to remove or improve them, the Prochem Stain Re- moval Course provides ex- tensive hands-on practice on all kinds of stains com- monly found both in the do- mestic and commercial environments. The day-long course,

container glides along noise- lessly, thanks to the whis- per-quiet wheels on the dolly, also means that more cleaning and maintenance tasks can now be under- taken in occupied buildings during the day - when labour rates tend to be less expen- sive - rather than at night. The Brute Deluxe Rim

time-consuming former practice of having to gather waste, dispose of it, and then subsequently retrace their steps back to the desk or work area to start cleaning. The fact that the Brute

held at the Prochem Train- ing Academy in Chessing- ton, Surrey, helps delegates learn how to test the pH of a stain, how to find out whether it is water-based or solvent-soluble and what bearing this has on the choice of product, and how to assess what damage the stain may have caused to the carpet or fabric fibres. Understanding the effect of

the various stain removal products on different fibre and construction types is an- other aspect of effective treatment covered in the course, where delegates are

Caddy is also cleverly config- ured for ease and speed of use and has in-built flexibility to map onto the differing processes of cleaning teams. For example, dual stream liners can be used to sepa- rate the collection of recycla- ble materials and general waste which again eliminates the need for a separate pass. Another small but important design feature that speeds the cleaning process is the

encouraged to practise and improve application tech- niques on pre-prepared stains on different types of carpet fibre. The day, which includes

ergonomic arched handle which allows effortless ma- noeuvring in tight spaces and around obstacles. The Deluxe Rim Caddy it-

self includes three additional holders allowing users to also easily carry multiple mop handles and brooms for dusting. Even more acces- sories such as Hygen mi- crofibre cloths can be carried in the fabric multi- pocket organiser which hangs from the caddy. A fur- ther ingenious touch, borne out of Rubbermaid’s exten- sive pre-launch field testing, is the inclusion of a large hook which is a convenient way for the cleaner to trans- port a hazard warning sign to where the cleaning will take place.

Advanced stain removal added to training programme Toucan Eco gains VAH certification

lunch and refreshments and a comprehensive training manual to take home, has a lighter touch, too, with a special ‘stain quiz’ tasking delegates to have a go at guessing what 20 different stains were caused by. Bookings are being taken

for the next course held on 24 October 2013. training.htm

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Disinfection and cleaning fluid produced by the Toucan Eco has gained certification from VAH Laboratories in Germany. Recognised throughout the EU, the VAH List of Disinfectants com- prises all products which have a valid certificate issued by the Disinfectants Com- mission. The list serves as a basis for the selection of ap- propriate disinfectants in hospitals, medical and den- tal surgeries as well as other areas in which infections may be transmitted.

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