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93. APPROVED – E. Michael Elmaleh, Club Delegate, Princeton SC Amend rule 2131 (page 150, Rulebook) as follows:

2131 Levels of Referees and Accountants for Qualifying Competitions Competition


Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships

National Sectional

Remainder of table is unchanged. Implementation date: July 1, 2013

94. APPROVED AS AMENDED – Roland Bessette, Club Delegate, Pawtucket & Providence FSC Amend rule 3400 (page 187, Rulebook) as follows:

3400 Rules for National Showcase Competitions For specific guidelines for the recommended conduct of National showcase competitions, refer to the Nonqualifying and National Showcase Competition Manual Guidelines and Procedures posted on

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

95. APPROVED AS AMENDED – Roland Bessette, Club Delegate, Pawtucket & Providence FSC Amend rule 3500 (page 187, Rulebook) as follows:

3500 Rules for National Theatre On Ice Competitions For specific guidelines for the recommended conduct of National Theatre On Ice competitions, refer to the National Theatre On Ice Competition Manual Guidelines and Procedures posted on usfigure-

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

96. APPROVED AS AMENDED BY THE GOVERNING COUNCIL – Lynn Gold- man, Competitions Committee chair, John Millier, Dance Committee chair, and Gail Sombati, Adult Skating Committee chair Amend rule 6075 (page 266, Rulebook) as follows:

6075 In the initial or final round of all dance competitions the number of sequences of the dance to be danced shall will be as follows: A. Two sequences: Swing Dance, European Waltz, American Waltz, Tango, Starlight Waltz, Westminster Waltz, Argentine Tango, Austrian Waltz, Cha Cha Congelado, Yankee Polka, Ravens- burger Waltz, Tango Romantica, Silver Samba, Golden Waltz, Midnight Blues, and Finnstep and, for adult events only, Vien- nese Waltz. 1. Two sequences will be danced in all adult solo dance events at an adult sectional championship or the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships with the exception of the Kil- ian and Fourteenstep, which require that three sequences be danced in these competitions.

B. Three sequences: Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango, Hickory Hoedown, Willow Waltz, Ten- Fox, Blues, Paso Doble and, except for adult events, Viennese Waltz. 1. Three sequences of the Kilian and Fourteenstep will be danced in adult solo dance events at adult sectional cham- pionships and the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships.

C. Four sequences: Fourteenstep, Foxtrot, Rocker Foxtrot, Quickstep and Rhumba.

D. Six sequences: Kilian. E. In the event that a couple does not execute the number of re- quired sequences for the designated pattern dance: 1. The pattern dance will be considered finished when the couple has completed its final pose, or the skaters leave the ice, or in the opinion of the referee, the skaters have com- pleted the skating of the dance and the music is stopped.

2. The missing sequences/sections will not be entered in the data calculations (for IJS events).

3. Since there will be no data entered for calculation purpos- es, it will not be necessary for the technical panel to “call” the missing sections (in IJS events).

4. Printed protocol will acknowledge only the sequences/sec- tions skated (in IJS events).

5. The judges are to reflect the missing sections in the compo- nent marks.


Assistant Accountants

National Sectional Regional

6. This does not preclude rules 1400-1403.

F. In a nonqualifying competition the referee may vary the number of sequences to meet current conditions, in which case the judges and all entrants shall will be informed before the warm-up of the first dance.

G. When pattern dances are included in the final round, the refer- ee shall will determine whether the number of sequences is to be the same as those specified for the initial round or increased by one or two sequences taking into account the number of dances and couples and whether the couples are to dance one at a time or in flights of two to four.

H. The referee shall will announce in advance the side of the ice surface on which each pattern dance shall will start.

The corresponding information will also be added to the respective pattern dance diagrams in the Tests Book.

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

97. APPROVED – Synchronized Skating Committee and Collegiate Program Committee Amend rule 7000 (page 297, Rulebook) as follows:

7000 Synchronized Rules U.S. Figure Skating reserves the right to incorporate revisions made by the ISU for junior and senior events. U.S. Figure Skating also re- serves the right to incorporate revisions made to the junior free skate event into the collegiate event. The revisions or clarifications made to the international judging system by the ISU may be adopted by U.S. Figure Skating at its discretion at any time after the revision or clarification is issued. Revisions or clarifications will be posted as Technical Notifications on and, when applicable, published in the next U.S. Figure Skating rulebook.

Note: Rule 7280 will also be amended to match the junior synchronized well-bal- anced program requirements released in ISU Communication #1786 on March 25, 2013.


98. REFERRED TO THE SYNCHRONIZED SKATING COMMITTEE – George Rossano, Club Delegate, Glacier Falls FSC Amend rule 7240 (B) (page 325, Rulebook) as follows:

7240 Juvenile Synchronized Skating B. Requirements as of the preceding July 1: 12-20 skaters who are under age 13 14

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

99. APPROVED AS AMENDED – Joe Armstrong, Individual Member Delegate Add new rules FCR 4.02 and FCR 4.03 (page 54, Rulebook) as follows:

FCR 4.00

Financial Reporting FCR 4.01 The treasurer, assisted by the Finance Committee, will provide audited annual financial statements, tax returns and such other financial reports as may be required.

FCR 4.02 Financial reports will be completed and published on the U.S. Figure Skating website no later than nine months following the close of the prior fiscal year.

FCR 4.03 Financial reports provided with the annual Governing Council meeting book will include: A. Consolidated statements of financial position; B. Form 990s for U.S. Figure Skating and the U.S. Figure Skating Foundation; and

C. The prior year’s budget showing the approved budget, actual amounts expended, variances from the proposed budget for each budget line item and projections for the end of the current fiscal year by line item.

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

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