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and kept competing, in uniform. He also formed a 15-piece orchestra and performed at USO centers in Chicago in 1943. He was honored by the Navy for his extra activities, he wrote in his memoir. After a short stint as an ice-skating teacher,

he bought Metallurgical Products Co., in West Chester in 1950 and served as its president. He was past president of the Philadelphia Metals As- sociation in the 1980s. He retired in 1990. He married Joan Lorch in 1958 and later

taught the couple’s two children to skate. He was one of the founders of the Old York Road Skating Club rink in suburban Philadelphia. One of Mr. Goodman’s passions was cars.

He served for a decade ending in 1989 as presi- dent of the Mercedes-Benz Club, Delaware Valley Chapter.

In 1950, Mr. Goodman graduated from the

Sun Valley Ski School. He skied well into his 80s and played tennis until he was 90. An authority on Benny Goodman, Mr. Good-

man parlayed his love of the band leader into the “Other Goodman Trio.” Over the last decade, the group performed music of the 1930s and 1940s at local venues. Surviving, in addition to his wife of 54 years,

are a son, Buddy; daughter Nancy Newberg; five grandchildren; and a sister. Donations can be made to the U.S Figure Skating Memorial Fund, 20 First St., Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

MORRIS James Irwin Morris, an honorary life member

of the Dallas Figure Skating Club, passed away on May 11.

He was a national accountant, a level-two tests passed

Senior Moves In The Field Jocelyn Albaugh — Washington FSC Jacqueline Benson — Coyotes SC of Arizona Carolina Call — All Year FSC Delaney Cattano — Palm Beach FSC Caroline Cherry — Great Bay FSC Isabella Colasanti — Ice House SA Julianna DeContreaus — Vaca Valley FSC Gilliane Dixon — Houston FSC Alexandria Dramis — Chesapeake FSC Aimee Evans — Northern Ice SC Genavieve Federhofer — Pines FSC Mitchell Friess — Wasatch FSC Giorgina Giampaolo - Skating Club of Boston Ellie Gilbreath — Tulsa FSC April Goldberg — Essex SC of NJ Brenna Greco — Desert Ice SC of Arizona Ariana Grymski — DuPage FSC Julia Hussian — Starlight Ice Dance Club Lauren Jackson — Farmington Hills FSC Beverly Laksana — All Year FSC Lydia Lau — South Bay FSC Victoria Lebryk — Dearborn FSC William Lindsay — Detroit SC Grace McGough — Essex SC of NJ Leslie Meisel — All Year FSC Sydney Miller — Essex SC of NJ Reina Nagasaka — DuPage FSC Akari Nakahara — All Year FSC Ashley Osborne — Desert Ice SC of Arizona Kiki Owens — Desert Ice SC of Arizona Sarah Patterson — Desert Ice SC of Arizona Alyssa Politoski — Great Neck FSC Anthony Ponomarenko — Skating Club of San Francisco

Kaitlin Prakken — New Edge FSC Anupama Rao — Gate City FSC Kenneth Reily — Braemar-City of Lakes FSC Brianne Safer — DuPage FSC Kylie Saloma — Wissahickon SC Nikki Sather — Amherst SC Jonathan Schultz — FSC of Southern California Kimberly Scott — Greater Grand Rapids FSC Riley Shore — St. Paul FSC Eric Sjoberg — University of Delaware FSC Madeline Solomon — Panthers FSC Jenna Song — Stars FSC of Texas Erica Steinel — Winterhurst FSC Brooke Steiner — Plymouth FSC Caroline Sterman — Philadelphia SC & HS Brynn Thomas — Washington FSC Amanda Wang — Skating Club of Boston Rachel Weintraub — Gate City FSC Rebecca Winer — University of Delaware FSC Tommy Wu — Colorado SC Adult Gold Moves In The Field Anna Chesson — FSC of Charleston Maggie Frank — Juneau SC Marcella Vucenic — Red Rose FSC Senior Moves In The Field — Adult Margo Bott — Chicago FSC Masters Adult Gold Moves In The Field Erin Stearns — All Year FSC Senior Free Skate Cale Ambroz — FSC of Bloomington Jessie Anderson — Winterhurst FSC Meaghan Behrens — SC of Phoenix Marylin Cai — Stars FSC of Texas Sarah Checkosky — Denver FSC Kaitrin Colby — DuPage FSC

DeAnn Devers — Stars FSC of Texas Jessica Dunning — Highland SC Sarah Vadskjaer Grapek — Penguin FSC Samantha Mapes — Capital City FSC Gabrielle Mauro — Amherst SC Rachel Mendelson — All Year FSC Meagan Midkiff — Stars FSC of Texas Alexa Savona — University of Delaware FSC Morgan Sewall — North Atlantic FSC Sarah Sun — Texas Gulf Coast FSC Allyson Vander Klok — Greater Grand Rapids FSC Deanna Velez — Panthers FSC Adult Gold Free Skate Leesa Johnson — McCall FSC Ekaterina Lancaster — Vaca Valley FSC Senior Pairs Test Jessica Calalang — DuPage FSC Zack Sidhu — Las Vegas FSC Gold Dance Test Kirsten Clark — Louisville Skating Academy Amber Hunt — Columbus FSC Nicholas Jesionek — Stars FSC of Texas India Johnson — Farmington Hills FSC Aidan Lorch-Liebel — University of Delaware FSC Allison Tully — Central Pennsylvania FSC Senior Free Dance Test Christian Erwin — Wisconsin FSC MacKenzie Reid — Wisconsin FSC Anne White — Individual Member Senior Solo Free Dance Danielle Calthorpe — Pond FSC Christopher Kinser — Vaca Valley FSC Emily Lacher — Louisville Skating Academy


CURRY Marion Rudie Curry, a longtime U.S. Figure Skating judge, a professional skater and skating

technical accountant and credited by most as be- ing the first person to write a program to produce the results for a figure skating event on a personal computer.

Al Beard, who had been doing the same

thing for qualifying competitions on a main frame computer, recalls meeting Jim in 1980 at a Dallas competition where Jim was using a Commodore computer to score events. His program “IS” was eventually adopted by a professional program- mer, Lewis Mattson, and was used for nonqualify- ing events until the early 1990s. Jim began working on his own accounting

appointments around 1996 and developed a pro- gram with Bill Whalen called “Forms Central” to be used with Al Beard’s scoring program to churn out paperwork for competitions. They started working with Al to produce reports in his pro- gram after the 2003 U.S. Championships in Dal- las and accountants are still benefiting from Jim’s work today. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Bar-

bara, two daughters, grandchildren and many friends. After graduating from Georgia Tech in 1957

with a degree in electrical engineering, he and Barbara moved to Dallas where he enjoyed a suc- cessful career with Collins Radio, Rockwell Inter- national and Alcatel-Lucent. A problem-solver who could fix anything,

Jim’s intelligence, kindness and sense of humor will be sorely missed. He was a true gentleman.

teacher, died peacefully at home in Minnesota on June 17 with her family by her side. She was 85. Marion lived life to the fullest, and did so

with dignity, kindness, thoughtfulness and cour- age. She was passionate about family, friends and ice skating. She grew up in Minneapolis and graduat-

ed from Roosevelt High School. In 1945, Mari- on joined Ice Follies and performed around the country for three years. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1962 with a teaching degree, and earned her master’s in 1982. She taught elementary school first at St. Anthony Vil- lage, and then at Morningside. The majority of her career was at Creek Valley Elementary School in Edina, Minn. After retirement, she devoted much time

to her grandsons. She traveled extensively with her best friend Kevin, taught skating and contin- ued to skate professionally in Adventures on Ice and Holiday on Ice. She participated in the Long Blades Club on Sunday mornings at Ice Center and Aldrich Arena. She also was a member of the Minneapple Corps Precision Team. She was proud to earn her master’s gold dance medal. Marion spent 25 years as a judge with the Figure Skating Club of Minneapolis and Twin Cities Figure Skat- ing Association. She is survived by her daughter, Shelley

O’Neill; grandsons, Ryan and Patrick; friend Kev- in Sarff and his dog Skipper; cousins and many friends. Donations in Marion’s name can be made

to Minnesota Skating Scholarship, Att: Herb Mor- genthaler, 3851 Beard Avenue South Minneapo- lis, MN 55410-1040 or Methodist Hospice.

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