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87. APPROVED – Dance Committee Amend rule TR 64.05 (pages 54-55, Tests Book) as follows:

TR 64.05 Senior Solo Free Dance Test Duration: 3:20 2:50 +/- 10 seconds to music of the skater’s choice

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

88. APPROVED AS AMENDED – Judges Committee Amend rule JR 4.08 (page 69, Rulebook), rule ER 1.03 (A) (page 47, Rule- book), rule ER 8.01 (F) (page 50, Rulebook) and rule ER 8.06 (pages 51-52, Rulebook) as follows:

JR 4.08 In the event a U.S. Figure Skating judge begins coaching outside the exceptions allowed in JR 4.08 (D) and (E), the judge must inform the chair of the Judges Committee in writing that he/she has commenced this activity has commenced. A U.S. Figure Skating judge is prohibited from participating as an official U.S. Figure Skating judge during this period. If a U.S. Figure Skating judge concurrently acts as a judge of tests or as an official of at any U.S. Figure Skating competitions while serving as a paid instructor in skating or its related activities, this conduct shall will be reviewed by the chair of the Sanctions and Eligibility Committee for an action changing eligibility status, and to the chair of the Judges Commit- tee for disciplinary action. Such eligibility action may include, but is not limited to, temporary restriction of eligibility status through permanent ineligibility. (For an exception to this rule, see ER 1.03.) A. U.S. Figure Skating judge may trial judge during the coaching activ- ity period;

B. The judge may begin or resume judging ninety (90) days after with- drawing from coaching activity. The judge is prohibited from judging former students for one year following the student’s last lesson;

C. See rules JR 11.11 and JR 11.12 for the reappointment process. D. U.S. Figure Skating appointed judges may teach skaters who have not passed any U.S. Figure Skating tests. Such teaching must be as part of a learn-to-skate or Basic Skills group lesson program. Judges who teach under these guidelines maintain their eligibility to judge.

E. U.S. Figure Skating judges who are full time college students may teach and judge concurrently. These skaters must apply to the chair of the Judges Committee and provide documentation that confirms their status as a full time college student.

ER 1.03 An “eligible coach” is an eligible person who is a paid instructor in skating and related activities, but who has not otherwise participated in an activity that causes that person to become ineligible. See ER 6.01. A. Eligible coaches may not serve as accountants, judges, or referees or technical controllers at U.S. Figure Skating tests and competitions while they continue to coach, except as allowed in JR 4.08 (D) and (E).

ER 8.01 Eligible persons, as defined in ER 1.02, may participate in the follow- ing, except as otherwise noted: F. As an eligible coach, as that term is defined in ER 1.03, and, if desired, trial judge while doing so. An eligible coach shall have has all the privileges of an eligible person, with the exception of the following limitations: 1. Shall Not be eligible to serve as an official accountant, judge, referee or technical controller, unless otherwise provided pursu- ant to ER 8.06 and JR 4.08 (D) and (E), for U.S. Figure Skating tests or competitions;

ER 8.06 Eligibility Classification Table

89. APPROVED – Synchronized Skating Committee Amend rule 7500 (page 331, Rulebook) as follows:

7500 Adult Synchronized Skating


Must contain the following nine seven elements in any order





CREATIVE One block element

One block or circle step sequence element • If circle step sequence, must be executed in a one circle configuration

One circle element

One circle step sequence element • Must be executed in a one circle configuration

One creative element

INTERSECTION One intersection element LINE

One line element



One element selected from a moves in the field or spin element

One wheel element Implementation date: July 1, 2013

90. APPROVED – Synchronized Skating Committee Replace the movements in isolation element with the creative element for all 6.0 levels that currently require a movements in isolation element (masters, ju- venile, open collegiate and open juvenile). Rules affected are 7130 (A), 7130 (B), 7150 (L), 7240, 7250, 7290 and 7510 (pages 301-332, Rulebook).

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

91. APPROVED AS AMENDED – Technical Panel Committee Amend rule TPCR 4.02 (E) (pages 111-112, Rulebook) as follows:

TPCR 4.02 Technical specialist and assistant technical specialist qualifications: E. Must be retired as an active competitor for at least one year if serving in a qualifying event except in extraordinary circumstances involving pairs, ice dancing or synchronized skating events, and subject to the approval of the Technical Panel Committee chair, the Competitions Committee chair and the Technical Group coordinator.

Implementation date: January 7, 2013 ADMINISTRATIVE/LEGAL GROUP (GROUP 4)

92. APPROVED – Ethics Committee Amend rule GR 1.03 (page 32, Rulebook) as follows:

Paid coaching

Yes *X


Yes *

Yes *


Yes *

* Forfeits right to officiate serve as an accountant, judge, referee or technical controller except as allowed in JR 4.08 (D) and (E)

X See Membership Rules Remainder of table is unchanged. Implementation date: Urgent

GR 1.03 U.S. Figure Skating will not tolerate or condone any form of harass- ment (including sexual harassment), misconduct (including sexual, physical and emotional misconduct), bullying or hazing or abuse of any of its mem- bers including coaches, officials, directors, employees, parents, athletes and volunteers — or any other persons — while they are participating in or preparing for a figure skating activity or event conducted under the auspices of U.S. Figure Skating. The U.S. Figure Skating Policy State- ment on Harassment and Abuse may be found in its entirety online at Harassment of such nature between or among U.S. Figure Skating members shall be reported to the chair of the Ethics or Grievance Committee as soon as is practicably possible, per ECR 2.00 and GCR 2.00. A. If any form of child abuse is observed or suspected, the observer should immediately contact either local law enforcement or a public child welfare agency and make a report.

B. Any person who violates this rule, who fails to appropriately report or who makes a false report or otherwise violates U.S. Figure Skat- ing’s Policy on Harassment and Abuse will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Article XXIV, Section 3, of the U.S. Figure Skating bylaws.

Implementation date: July 1, 2013


Activity Eligible/

Reinstated Eligible

Officials Accountants, Judges, Referees or

Technical Controllers Restricted


Ineligible Eligible Coach

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