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From the Technical Panel Committee • National Data Operator – Singles/Pairs/Dance: Stephanie Lab, Au- rora, Ill.; Mary-Elizabeth Wightman, Lake Placid, N.Y.

• National Technical Specialist – Singles: Colleen Mickey, Carlsbad, Calif.

63. ACCEPTED/ACKNOWLEDGED the following national resignations and vacat- ed positions: •

• • •

• •

Rose Kanger, Omaha, Neb. – didn’t renew her membersihp (National Sin- gles/Pairs Judge)

Paul Kreppel, Williamsville, N.Y. – passed away (National Accountant)

Douglas Mankovich, Takoma Park, Md. – passed away (National Dance Judge)

Nancy Meiss, Cincinnati, Ohio – passed away (National Dance and Sin- gles/Pairs Judge and Referee)

64. APPROVED AS AMENDED – Adult Skating Committee Amend rule 4580 (page 220, Rulebook) as follows:


Must contain the following elements in any order

JUMPS Maximum of five jump elements • May include an Axel jump • Jumps may be repeated only once and only in combination and/or sequence

• There must be at least one, but no more than three two, jump combinations or jump sequences

• One jump combination/sequence may consist of three jumps, and the other two may have only two jumps

• Additional jump sequences which contain non-listed jumps of not more than one revolution (i.e. mazurkas, half- loops, etc.) performed as part of connecting footwork preceding single jumps are permitted

• Only single jumps and Axels are allowed • No double or triple jumps are permitted


Maximum of three two spins of a different character • A spin with a change of foot must have a minimum of three revolutions on each foot. All other spins without a change of foot must have a minimum of three revolutions.

• There must be a minimum of two revolutions in each position, or the position will not be counted.

• The skaters have freedom to select the kinds of spins they intend to execute within the spin types allowed.

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

65. APPROVED – Adult Skating Committee Amend rule TR 26.02 (B) (page 16, Tests Book) as follows:

TR 26.02 The adult free skate tests are divided into four classes to be taken in the following order: pre-bronze, bronze, silver and gold. B. An adult skater who has passed the standard free skate test may cross over to the adult track as follows:

Standard FS passed


preliminary FS

Preliminary FS

Pre-juvenile FS

Juvenile FS

Must then pass either To take this adult test

Preliminary MIF or adult pre-bronze MIF

Pre-juvenile MIF or adult bronze silver MIF

Juvenile MIF or adult sliver gold MIF

Intermediate MIF or adult gold MIF No additional MIF required

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

Adult pre-bronze FS

Adult bronze silver FS

Adult silver gold FS

Adult gold FS optional but not required


Glenn Cummings, Lambertville, N.J. – resigned to spend more time with his family (National Dance Judge)

James Cunningham, Hudson, Ohio – passed away (National Music Co- ordinator)

66. APPROVED – Competitions Committee Amend rule 1212 (page 134, Rulebook) as follows:

1212 The chief referee will: O. Work with the local organizing committee (LOC) to ensure that all coaches are in compliance, and take appropriate actions, if necessary.

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

67. APPROVED – Competitions Committee Amend rules 1214 and 1215 (pages 134-135, Rulebook) as follows:

1214 Within 30 days after a qualifying competition, the referee will complete a report: A. Including the following: 7. CEU/activity report of officials (judges, referees, technical panel)

B. Which will be sent as follows: TO:

U.S. Figure Skating headquarters

Item 7

Officials’ CEU Report X (D)

Footnote: (D) - Send for nonqualifying competitions only Note: The entire referee report, including the requirements listed in items 5 and 6 and 7 in the chart may be fulfilled via email at the end of the competition in a format specified by the Competitions Committee.

The referee shall, Within 30 days after a nonqualifying competition, the referee will: A. Send a report as outlined in rule 1214 (A). The record of initial and final placements in each event should be sent electronically or on paper. 1. Computer summaries of placements including segment and cumulative, if sent electronically, must be sent in a currently approved program format.

B. Include a CEU/activity report of officials (judges, referees and technical panel) in a format approved by the Competitions Committee.

BC. Send the entire report via email, fax or regular mail to: 1. U.S. Figure Skating headquarters; and 2. The appropriate regional vice chair on the Competitions Committee for the region in which the competition was held, or the appropriate synchronized sectional vice chair on the Competitions Committee for the section in which the competition was held (for synchronized skating competitions).

Implementation date: July 1, 2013

68. APPROVED – Competitions Committee Amend rule 1220 (B) (page 136, Rulebook) and rule 6075 (H) (page 267, Rulebook) as follows:

1220 Duties of the Event Referee – IJS B. The event referee: 13. In ice dance, announces, in advance of the first practice, the side of the ice surface on which each pattern dance will start. Also see rule 6075 (H).

1314. Allows a skater/team to restart according to rules 1400-1403 and 6075 (H).

6075 In the initial or final round of all dance competitions the number of sequences of the dance to be danced shall will be as follows: H. The referee shall will announce in advance the side of the ice surface on which each pattern dance shall will start. If a couple begins to perform the first pattern on the incorrect side, the following actions are to be followed: 1. The referee must signal the couple to stop. The couple must stop skating at the signal of the referee. The music must stop, and the judges and technical panel must cease their evaluations. The referee will instruct the couple of the di- rection in which to start the dance.

2. The couple will be allowed to restart the entire dance in the correct direction, including the introduction.

3. If there were any calls by the technical panel during the first start of the pattern dance prior to the referee stop- ping the couple, the technical panel will have these calls removed from the computer. Any judges scores that were entered will have to be cleared out, too.

4. If the referee does not signal the couple to stop, and they continue to perform the pattern dance on the incorrect side of the ice, the technical panel will call the pattern dance


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