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Committee recognized a record number of high school graduates this spring as part of its Gradu- ating Seniors Program. Te committee acknowl- edges the students’ achievements on the ice as well as their commitment in the classroom. In 2011, the program honored 250 stu- dents; in 2012 there were 480 students receiving this recognition. Tis year more than 560 gradu- ates earned the distinction. “I feel so lucky to be a part of this recogni-

tion that U.S. Figure Skating proudly bestows on our accomplished student-athletes,” said Doro- thy Tank, national vice chair for school programs. “I look forward to seeing these student-ath- letes transition into collegiate members and be- gin their participation in all of the great collegiate and intercollegiate programs that U.S. Figure Skating offers.” Te Graduating Seniors Program fea- tures an online application with specific cri-

Bridget Hillman and Charlaya Tyler receive their Graduating Seniors Program awards from Ladywood High School (Livonia, Mich.) Principal Tracey Mocon.

“As you might expect, we agree entirely with the perspective that student-athletes deserve recognition for their dedication and commitment. The interesting correla- tion between high academic achievement and a concerted commitment to athletics is notable. Sharing information such as you have provides one more way we can make this known.”


• Platinum: U.S. Championships or inter-

national competitor in singles, pairs, ice dancing; international competitor in synchronized skat- ing; or U.S. Synchronized Championships com- petitor at the novice level and above • Gold: U.S. Championships competitor in singles, pairs, ice dancing at the juvenile or in- termediate level; sectional championships com- petitor in singles at the novice, junior or senior level; U.S. Synchronized Championships com- petitor at the intermediate level; gold medalist in free skate, pairs, ice dancing or moves in the field • Silver: Sectional competitor in pairs, ice dancing or synchronized skating at the inter- mediate level or above; regional championships

teria and an awards program divided into four levels: platinum, gold, silver and bronze. Te specific level designation is awarded to the ap- plicant based upon his or her highest verified test achievement or competitive accomplish- ment, according to the following measures: competitor; Nation’s Cup Teatre On Ice com- petitor; free skate, pairs and moves-in-the-field tests passed at the juvenile through junior levels; or dance tests passed at the silver through pre- gold levels • Bronze: National Showcase, National

Teatre on Ice, National Solo Dance competitor; dance tests at the preliminary through pre-silver levels; free skate, pairs, moves-in-the-field tests at the pre-preliminary through pre-juvenile levels Following the application review process,

a congratulatory letter, award certificate and la- pel pin (in corresponding level medal color) are awarded to the graduate. Te intent of this pro- gram is to recognize the skater for accomplish- ments in skating and to have this award recog- nition presented to the skater in front of his or her peers during a school function or recognition opportunity such as senior awards night, athletic awards banquet, special honors program or grad- uation ceremony. Te Graduating Seniors Program Award helps to bridge the gap from high school to col- lege and gives skaters a sense of pride for what they have achieved throughout their high school career. “It’s a great feeling being recognized for my accomplishments as a student-athlete, and an even better feeling when the recognition is from U.S. Figure Skating,” Bridget Hillman, a plati- num awardee, said. “Many students put in a lot of hard work toward their school sports, but only a competitive skater truly knows the sacrifice and dedication that it takes to be successful in both the classroom and on the ice. It shows that my hard work has paid off for the past 14 years.”

If you would like to receive more information regarding the Graduating Seniors Program, contact U.S. Figure Skating Program Director Brenda Glidewell at If you are a 2013 graduate and did not apply for the 2013 Graduating Seniors Award Program, reach out to Glidewell for assistance.

PLATINUM LEVEL Tiana Austel, All Year FSC Megan Reynolds, Ann Arbor FSC Melissa Yax, Ann Arbor FSC Jeffrey Fishman, Arctic FSC Grace Hedberg, Braemar City of Lakes FSC Haley Voltz, Braemar City of Lakes FSC Merrick Ernst, Braemar City of Lakes FSC Taylor May, Braemar City of Lakes FSC Jacqueline Rizzitelli, Bridgeport SC Ashlyn Gaughan, Broadmoor SC Lukas Kaugars, Broadmoor SC Casey Ouellette, Charter Oak FSC Ashley Malito, Chicago FSC Courtney Norgren, Chicago FSC


Hailey Voss, Chicago FSC Haley Craig, Chicago FSC Jacquelyn Cruz, Chicago FSC Emily Haines, Colonial FSC Yaniv Kazansky, Columbia FSC Bridget Hillman, Dearborn FSC Charlaya Tyler, Dearborn FSC Alexandra Zazula, Detroit SC Hailey Tramel, Detroit SC Stephanie Podolsky, Detroit SC Cira Davis, DuPage FSC Jessica Calalang, DuPage FSC Ashley Tomich, Essex SC of NJ Imani Rickerby, Essex SC of NJ Olivia Pilling, Essex SC of NJ

Stephanie Brunner, Essex SC of NJ Victoria Mueller, Essex SC of NJ Kristen Jennings, Fort Wayne ISC Alicia Lerner, FSC of Birmingham Keilani-Lyn Rudderham, Gate City FSC Hayley Byrne, Great Bay FSC Alyssa Mason, Hamden Figure SA Caitlin Pursell, Hamden Figure SA Mimi Rosenthal, Hamden Figure SA Jillian Hughes, Hayden FSC Maisie Meade, Hayden FSC Kate Mitchell, Hayden FSC Niki Cozzolino, Hayden FSC Lauren Lapuck, Hayden FSC Jennifer Skerker, Hayden FSC

Hannah Pfeifer, IceWorks SC Shelby Casner, Individual Member Jessica Torregrossa, Jersey Coast FSC Kaitlin Bjorlin, Lake Minnetonka FSC Kate Ellison, Lake Minnetonka FSC Sarah Hodapp, Lake Minnetonka FSC Andrea Ernst, Metro Edge FSC Jocelyn Treadway, Metro Edge FSC Madeline Wise, Metro Edge FSC Raechel McKnight, Metro Edge FSC Cathlyn Kramer, Midland FSC Kaitlin Prakken, New Edge FSC Jordan Moeller, Northern ISC Emily Jindra, Orange County FSC Kavitha George, Pasadena FSC


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