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iNNOvaTivE DiSplay laNDS aT TrEaSUrE&BOND


rendy New york concept store Treasure&Bond recently debuted a brand new interactive

display from digital signage startup perch interactive. Treasure&Bond, which is owned

by major US retailer Nordstrom, operates as a philanthropic retail entity, donating on average £20,000 to New york children’s charities each quarter. The eclectically designed store in the Soho district features a highly curated collection of clothing, accessories, gifts and books. “you really get expanded story- telling around a product with perch,” said paige Boggs, general manager at Treasure&Bond. “We chose a range of products that could tell a bigger story and we also thought about products we could share that have a wide range of appeal. We sent through the merchandise and two days later they were putting up the system. it was a very simple process from beginning to end.”

The perch display technology

projects imagery and content directly onto the same surface where products are displayed from a unit above. advanced computer vision technology tracks both the placement of products on the table and movement of shoppers’ hands around those products. perch can tell when a product is touched or picked up, as well as when and where the shopper touches the table surface (pictured). Based on this real-time input, perch is able to generate a fully interactive experience around the products on display. Digital content can be created using

the library of supplied templates, or designed from scratch using the perch markup language (pMl). The system  images, videos and sounds, so existing media can be incorporated into the interactive display. The perch display technology

forms part of a platform that includes

the perch cloud Server for media distribution, display monitoring and analytics.and the retailer uses a web- based interface to swap in and out displays for new campaigns as often as once a day. The same interface also presents an analytics dashboard that  standing at the table, to picking up products, to tracking exactly which content they view. Treasure&Bond is currently

reviewing sales data and customer behaviour analytics to assess the impact of the trial, but at least one product used on the display table sold out during the store promotion. an unexpected outcome from the campaign was that store visitors were motivated to browse for longer in  is almost 10,000 square feet and we have lots of tiny items so this helped us demonstrate some of our products that 

Halfords has chosen Board for enterprise business planning and real-time analytics, to manage budgeting, planning and forecasting information that had been delivered through Cognos Planning and a plethora of other siloed systems and spreadsheets. The  will be used to prepare, review and consolidate integrated budgets, plans and forecasts across the business and put analytical information at its disposal to support data driven  and improved collaboration.

March/april 2013 RETAIL TECHNOLOGY

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