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Hair styling brand builds central e-commerce system to support burgeoning international business and develop a digital strategy

retail outlets are still strong, while online purchases are steadily growing.


Until 2010 ghd relied on a transactional website that did little to help promote the brand. it also proved expensive to maintain and provided limited control over online sales. The company recognised the need to match the iconic branding of its products with a destination site that would compel hair stylists and consumers to make regular visits. it had to be stylish, but equally to deliver all the necessary functionality to ensure online commercial success. The ghd team also wanted to maintain control over

the site, allowing them to implement merchandising and marketing features that would support digital sales. it was also important that the e-commerce project    commented: “What we wanted to do was to go beyond traditional e-commerce because we wanted not just to market our products online, but to create a place where consumers and stylists could congregate – a community  to hair fashion and trends as well as our products.” Ghd reviewed a range of platforms before selecting

hybris B2C Commerce along with Adobe Digital marketing Suite for Web Experience management (including Adobe CQ Web Content management and Adobe CQ Digital Asset management), both of which  Knowledge. This combination enabled the online business to scale and ensured business users and community participants would be equipped to create, manipulate and contribute content. “Our digital strategy required building a robust brand

platform engaging a large network of independent salons and professional hair stylists sitting seamlessly with international commerce,” said Spiegel. “We needed a solution that would scale to support our brand innovation requirements, present and future. We are proud that key brand advocates, professional hair stylists and salons will now have unique tools to engage their clients.” 

site was launched in October 2011, launching a new commerce area. in the following spring, the second


ince launching ten years ago, ghd has become a brand synonymous with top-of-the-range hair styling products. As a result, sales through salons and

iteration was launched and became a “feed based”   upload the site with their own images, videos, tips and ideas. This content is stored on the hybris platform and  quality of content and to help them promote it to both consumers and stylists. Spiegel continued: “it is a dynamic social experience

and for the consumer we offer a powerful search tool, which means that if they are looking for ideas for wavy hair, for example, they will be directed, via a unique feed, to relevant articles and ideas directly from the stylists, as well as products.” The company has already been able to standardise the online offering across all the territories in which it operates. “We simultaneously manage thirteen   what previously took weeks to set up, now takes just hours, or even minutes. “hybris is the glue between content management and

the community and it has proven to be a very powerful e-commerce system. We have made extraordinary demands of both hybris and Adobe CQ, but the response has been solid at every stage. The role of Tacit has been very important for the success of the integration. They have set up an interesting architecture working from a blank canvas and the result is truly a best-in-class solution.”

What we wanted to do was to go beyond traditional

e-commerce… to create a place where consumers and stylists could congregate

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