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New social networking rewards platform enables businesses to drive customer engagement, loyalty and retention

Addictive Interactive has launched addictivepoints, a new loyalty points platform designed to allow businesses to reward their customers for interacting and engaging with their brands. Traditional loyalty schemes typically reward only purchasing, whereas addictivepoints rewards everyday interactions including liking, sharing, commenting, registering, reviewing, purchasing and more. The data derived from the addictivepoints platform provides businesses with insight into their audiences’ behaviour, as well as driving sales and further interaction. After installing the addictivepoints platform onto web and social media assets, partners can choose which actions they would like to reward and with how many points. The platform has already led to impressive results for partners, including increasing daily website visits by 1100%, Facebook likes by 600% and newsletter registrations by 1200%.

APP AIMS TO SPEED RETAILER SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS introduces mobile development to save retailers millions of unnecessary distribution miles

A UK online haulage exchange marketplace has unveiled a new mobile app. is designed to empower hauliers to remotely locate loads on the move, improving the efficiency of the supply chain process for retailers. For the first time, retailers will be able to take control of

the distribution of their products by allowing hauliers to see their loads on an Android, iPhone or iPad device, vying to fill their empty vehicles that pound the nation’s motorways on a daily basis.

Using the latest mapping technology the app pinpoints

and informs drivers of newly available loads within a specific radius. It automatically updates the newest loads when they are ready for distribution, ensuring loads are not sitting idle for too long and drivers are not driving empty vehicles that are a waste of fuel. VEEQO SUCCEEDS WITH SEEDRS CROWDFUNDING

Welsh B2B startup specialising in multichannel inventory management shares its crowdfunding success and advice for those looking to raise investment online Veeqo allows small to midsized

Multichannel inventory management startup Veeqo closed its crowdfunding investment round of £30,000 on Seedrs. The cloud- based, business-to-business (B2B) app was successfully funded by 66 investors – many of who are independent investors.

businesses to manage orders and inventory across all of their distribution channels. The app manages orders from different online marketplaces from within a single online interface, for a monthly fee, with courier integration also making the shipping process more streamlined.

Matt Warren, founder of Veeqo, said: “I just wanted to get a finished product that I could release to customers. I loved the idea of putting my business proposal out there for thousands of people to view and if they liked it, invest in it. What better validation of a business model than 100 investors?”


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