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The CITV Channel is split into strands targeting either children aged four to 11 or pre-schoolers. Mini CITV is the pre-school strand and transmits from 8.30am-11am Monday to Friday. Weekends between 6am-6pm and weekdays 11am-6pm offers a unisex strand for four to 11 year olds, with the key target age being seven. Weekend mornings 6am-8.30am has programming for boys aged four to nine. CITV has an average daily reach of over 500,000 four to 15 year olds, an average monthly reach of 2.5 million and a 3.8 per cent average share of all kids viewing (commercial and non commercial).

POP TV CHANNELS There are four key channels in the Pop TV family, sales for which are now managed by CSC Media Group. Tiny Pop targets three to seven year olds, Pop is aimed at four to nines, PopGirl is for seven to 12 year old girls, and Kix is targeting seven to 12 year old boys.

MOST POPULAR SHOWS: Monsuno, Fleabag Monkeyface, Redakai, Pokémon, Horrid Henry, Almost Naked Animals, Ben 10, Bookaboo, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Babar and Badou, The Hive and Sooty among others.

PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2013: As well as the usual favourites from 2012, CITV has also signed a programming deal for 2013 with

Nickelodeon to provide new episodes of Big Time Rush and Victorious, as well as series one and two of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animation. This will begin to air from April 2013 in the simulcast weekend mornings strand.

ADVERTISING OPTIONS: On top of regular spot advertising, CITV also offers sponsorships for the various programme blocks, as well as online opportunities including competitions. These elements can all be combined into larger integrated campaigns.

TOY FIRMS ALREADY WORKED WITH: 2012 sponsors have included Little Tikes and VTech on Mini CITV, as well as Corgi, LeapFrog, Nintendo and KSG on CITV. The weekday morning boys-focused strand is now also in its fourth year of sponsorship by Spin Master. CITV has also recently worked with Hasbro on a campaign for Nerf.

WHY CITV..? “With a 30-year heritage, advertising on CITV combines great experience with tried and tested results in helping to deliver high quality, effective campaigns for advertisers,” says David Murphy, kids controller, sales. “The channel provides advertisers with strong and consistent ratings allowing them to reach children across all UK homes. “CITV, therefore,

provides the reach, flexibility and opportunities to hopefully allow clients to meet their advertising needs and ultimately drive sales in the process.”

MOST POPULAR SHOWS: Milly Molly, Timothy Goes to School, Madeline, Little Bear and Franny’s Feet (Tiny Pop); Backyard Science, Kid Detectives, Lab Rats Challenge, Sally Bollywood and Finding Stuff Out (Pop); Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Zoey 101, Mortified, Even Stevens and Life with Derek (PopGirl); and Power Rangers, Digimon: Data Squad, 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd and Batman of the Future (Kix).

PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2013: New Dragon Ball Z Kai launches in Q1 on Kix, while new episodes in the Power Rangers franchise will arrive throughout the year. PopGirl welcomes series three of Zoey 101 and series four of Life with Derek, while Tiny Pop is bolstered by Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot, Justin Time and in- house produced dance show, Learn to Dance. For Pop, highlights will be comedy cartoon Scaredy Squirrel, Sally Bollywood, Oggy and the Cockroaches and new make and do show, Artzooka.

ADVERTISING OPTIONS: Main options include spot advertising, plus varied sponsorship packages and tailored campaigns. These include sponsorship of specific programmes, blocks, seasons or an entire channel, on-air and online competitions, plus branded online microsites to support on-air activity.

TOY FIRMS ALREADY WORKED WITH: The network has previously had two successful campaigns with LEGO, including for LEGO Alien Conquest on Kix and a current campaign with LEGO Dino on Pop.

WHY POP TV..? “TV remains the most powerful and memorable medium for reaching kids and our CSC Kids Channels are the fastest growing children’s channels in the kids market, delivering a massive 45 per cent growth year on year,” says Carissa Topham from CSC. “Each channel has clearly defined day parts and is supported by its own dedicated website, enabling advertisers to run integrated multi-platform sponsorship campaigns across both on-air and online. “CSC Media’s small close knit editorial and advertising team gives us the flexibility to deliver unique, exciting and highly creative advertising solutions to briefs without the delays and bureaucracy often encountered in larger companies.”


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