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LIGHTING BOUNDARIES WAC Lighting has fused eco-friendly nanotechnology and modern aesthetics in two new luminaires: the Vela OLED Chandelier and the Vela OLED wall sconce

“Our next generation OLED luminaires raise the bar with a unique lighting experience of vision and sustainability,” said WAC Lighting president, Shelley Wald. Both units are housed in contemporary laser-crafted aluminium.The chandelier delivers a high light output of 2040 lumens, while offering a colour rendering index (CRI) of 80 and an efficacy of 35.2 lumens per watt.The luminaire features a total of 24 OLEDs with a correlated colour temperature (CCT) of 4000K while using just 58 watts of power.The sconce uses 16.4 watts with OLED panels offering a 4000K CCT, a CRI of 80, and an efficacy of 31.1 lumens per watt while delivering 510 lumens.


TARGETS ONLINE Virtual fitting room service aims to bring the benefits of the physical fitting room into online stores

The provider’s sophisticated robotic mannequins, dressed in key garments in each available size, are photographed at high speed to create a database of thousands of permutations of body shape. After gathering some basic body size and shape measurements, then pulls from the database and displays images that show how an item of clothing will fit on that shopper.

Heikki Haldre, founder and chief executive of, said:’s virtual fitting room helps boost the profitability of online clothing retailers, enabling them to overcome the fact that it is impossible for online shoppers to try on garments before they buy. (Mintel, in March, described this as ‘the biggest obstacle facing [online clothing retailers]’.)”

TRACKINGTECHNOLOGYALTERNATIVETESTED A small British company is aiming to revolutionise real-time tracking in retail environments

The Friendly Technologies development is currently being tested as part of the European Union (EU) funded Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Humberto Moran, Friendly

Technologies managing director, explained: “Our approach uses secure tags that only respond when the reader broadcasts their unique ID. Readers around the store form an intelligent network and constantly

poll items in their range by broadcasting their IDs, listening for the responses, and dynamically distributing passwords of tags that have gone out of range based on their most likely future locations.This polling approach is extremely efficient and allows moving tags to be detected with to-the-second accuracy.” The technology uses EPCglobal’s ultra high-frequency (UHF) radio frequency

identification (RFID) standards boosted with a patent-protected protocol extension that enables tags to be polled. Moran added potential commercial applications included fully automatic stock control, gathering of operational statistics, interactive marketing, automated checkouts and self-service applications for shoppers, and security applications.


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