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Food retailer Musgrave Retail Partners GB has chosen Herbert to supply and configure a small battery-powered laser barcode scanner to roll out to over 800 of its Londis retail stores this year. The scanners, provided by US-based

KoamTac, enable users to scan a variety of product codes and automatically upload that information to a business-to-business (B2B) website when plugged into the store’s PC. The devices will simplify the process for

reordering Londis stock online and enable retailers to move away from paper-based ordering systems. Users can scan the label of any item they need to order, enter how many they require, plug the device into their laptop and the information is automatically added to the retailer’s order page for them. Paul Courtney, Londis sales director,

said: “The use of this innovative scanner in conjunction with Londis’ new B2B online ordering solution has significantly reduced the time taken for Londis retailers to order products. It has also contributed to improving the accuracy of submitted orders and made Londis simpler to do business with.”

reviously Musgrave Retail Partners GB’s supply chain operated as two networks with distinct systems and processes across its two major UK retail brands: Londis and Budgens. In order to save costs, simplify processes and be able to enhance its retailer offerings Musgrave wanted an integrated supply chain and retail service centre (RSC) network. It subsequently installed the warehouse management (WM) module of Infor’s supply chain management (SCM) suite and radio frequency identification (RFID) based handheld devices enable improved accuracy, service and productivity within the warehouse. Colin Bendel, supply chain IT manager


for Musgrave Retail Partners GB, explained: “The beauty of Infor SCM WM is that it micro manages everything in the warehouse. It has built-in intelligence that allows for the swiftest path for each item through the warehouse and onto the lorries for dispatch. Where there is greater demand than product, it can even allocate on a pro rata basis so that,

for example, all Londis shops in an area can have some product, rather than the last ones on the list ending up without. It is a very powerful system.” He added: “Our next goal was to

tweak the final delivery of those carefully selected orders and have them at the retailers in the most efficient time and manner possible.To that end, we have installed routing and scheduling software to deliver the goods.” Transport planning software

integrates with Infor SCM WMS and, based on the geography of the retailers that require deliveries, plans a route specific to each day’s orders. He added: “Before our lorries and vans left the warehouses as buses on a route, which was not always the fastest route, or the most sympathetic with regard to fuel or traffic or even seasonal road restrictions.” Musgrave has now installed a

common, up-to-date version of the WMS system across Budgens and Londis, which is enabling the company to offer an improved service to its retail clients.

Baby specialist Kiddicare worked with warehouse systems provider SSI Schaefer in 2008 to install a pallet racking bulk store area and multi-level picking module with an integrated conveyor system into its Peterborough warehouse, which is also home to Kiddicare’s flagship superstore. It recently extended this system without interrupting normal

operations, to provide thousands of additional pallet positions and pickfaces for both cartons and small items, increasing the size of the warehouse footprint by over 34,000 sq. ft. SSI Schaefer subcontracted the in-rack sprinkler system to Tyco

Fire & Integrated Solutions and the electrical installation and data cabling to EDI Services Ltd. The Kiddicare warehouse supports its predominantly online

business. But, with plans to open ten additional UK retail outlets from this autumn (see Kiddicare expands clicks to bricks, page 8), store replenishment will be coordinated from a new central distribution centre in Daventry. Steve Poulter, Kiddicare logistics manager, said: “SSI Schaefer has helped Kiddicare hit our expansion targets to support our rapidly growing multichannel business operation.”


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